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In-Memory Forms and Data Passthrough

Secure ePHI, PII, and sensitive service data captured in the field
Prevent potential security risks
Transfer collected data safely to record systems


While data security is important no matter the use case, providing service to customers involved in biotechnology, life sciences, or medical device manufacturing may increase potential exposure to sensitive electronic Personal Health Information (ePHI). In all cases, it is the responsibility of the service provider to ensure ePHI is handled with rigorous protection measures.

Where collected sensitive data is stored and how it is processed, encrypted, and shared is critical, especially when put under a compliance microscope. For use cases whose requirements exceed the typical.

For use cases whose requirements exceed the typical security options, In-Memory Forms or Data Passthrough provide an additional layer of safety.


In-Memory Forms
A form configured to run "in-memory" will not save any collected data to mobile device storage—including image files or diagnostic data which may contain ePHI data. In-Memory Forms adds additional security by preventing inadvertent inspection of data gathered in the field by employees or exposure by malicious apps on the mobile device.

Data Passthrough
When using data passthrough, submission data received on ProntoForms' cloud servers is restricted to temporary, encrypted storage. All traces of submissions are fully erased within seconds once the server receives confirmation that the data has been passed through to your configured data destination.

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