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Make our solution your solution

Put your company brand on the industry's leading mobile forms App with our White Label option.

  • Showcase your brand in the App stores, using your company name
  • Use a custom app icon, splash screen and colors
  • Retain full control of testing procedures and publishing schedules
  • Leverage our years of experience; deploy a leading mobile forms app in 7 days

Take ownership of the entire solution with 360° branding

Slide #1
Your own spot on the shelf
Your app, available to all your users in Apple App & Google Play storesPackshot #1
Slide #2
The App Icon says it all
There's nothing like a custom app icon to say "this is mine"Packshot #2
360 Branding Demo
Slide #3
No place like home
Control the look and feel of your home screenPackshot #3
Slide #4
Better looking forms
Apply your branding at the form levelPackshot #4

White Label benefits for your organization

Remain in control
Gain full control over app management policies, making it easy to adhere to corporate policies of testing software updates thoroughly before deploying them to your users. Mitigate risks of costly downtime due to a failure in the field.
Best-in-class UX and performance
Don't entrust your business process to a buggy mobile app built with a one-size-fits-all mobile development platform. Apps built with these systems will crash, lag behind the latest mobile capabilities, and have poor user experiences across mobile platforms and form factors.
Mature development; quick deployment
ProntoForms uses native development technology and rigorous processes, led by teams who focus on creating great mobile apps and experiences – judged by Apple and Google as best-of-breed. We let you deploy your branded mobile app in 7 days, and our model ensures your app is always compatible with the latest mobile platform upgrades.
Focus on core competencies
You wouldn’t build your own backend CRM, ERP, or data storage system. So why spend money and R&D resources on building your own mobile forms app? Let us manage App store submissions, mobile OS and device evolutions, look-and-feel, reliability, security, and other issues. Let your teams focus on their core competencies.

App Management Options

Get easy access to innovative feature releases and security updates,
including control of how to manage and deploy them to end users.
ProntoForms-Managed Updates
ProntoForms-Managed Updates
Every time we release an update to the App, we update your App as well. This means your end users can update their app without your intervention.
Self-Managed Updates
Self-Managed Updates
You control when to publish the latest updates, giving your IT team a chance to test the latest update before making it available to end users.
  • Discuss your needs with a ProntoForms representative who can advise as to whether 'ProntoForms-Managed' or 'Self-Managed' updates is right for you
  • Tell us how you want your app customized, and send us any required files, e.g. logos etc.
  • We build the app for you - sending sample screenshots for your final approval
  • We upload the finished app to the App Store(s) of your choice for App Store review
  • You've published the best mobile forms app available under your own brand

Let's get started!
Your very own white labeled app, in 7 days!

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