Trigger notifications, and task dispatching with forms automation

Create custom workflows - no coding required

Raise your efficiency game with automated triggers and actions

Smart, automated, and timely task assignment

  • Automatically dispatch the most up-to-date mobile forms to field workers in real time
  • Forward submitted data and reports to stakeholders for further review, editing, approval, and/or action

Data delivery, when and where it’s needed

  • Trigger email or SMS notifications based on data submissions for immediate action
  • Export data in raw format (JSON, CSV, XML) or as formatted PDF, Excel, Word, or HTML
  • Automatically create calendar invites and virtual business cards upon form submission

Leverage data to optimize business performance

  • Analyze field data to uncover patterns, correlations, and the root cause of critical issues.
  • Implement continuous improvement programs based on findings
  • Develop preventive maintenance programs and services

Go beyond mobile forms
5 ways mobility is innovating business processes, not just digitizing paper forms

  • What organization-wide data enablement means
  • How mobilized chain of events can impact processes
  • Why data connections are the keystone of workflows
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