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Configure form workflows to send data anywhere, in real time

Tap the send button and let the magic happen.

Basic Features Packshot
A single form submission can trigger any combination of powerful and flexible data workflows. Mix and match as needed. You're only limited by your imagination.
Assign new tasks to co-workers
Use our forms workflow software to automatically trigger a new work order when an inspection indicates a part needs to be serviced or replaced.
Send custom documents and surveys to clients and staff
Forward submitted data and reports to stakeholders in real time for further review and/or action, or send web surveys to customers for immediate feedback along with their invoice or work record.
Notify and report escalations
Trigger an immediate SMS to a supervisor or VP of Operations when a safety inspection results in a "fail" rating.
Automatically extract and share relevant data only
Store form data in Box (PDF/Word); extract & send financial data to Finance (CSV), asset data to Operations, and structured data to an Analytics engine.

Send readiness and satisfaction forms to your customers

Eliminate gaps in information that lead to wasted resources and time. Send web-based customer-facing forms to gain visibility into a site before a technician arrives and track customer satisfaction after a tech departs.
CSAT Form flow


Put data to work with custom documents

Once a form is submitted, use the data to automatically populate custom documents, each with a different appearance or content to suit the recipient. Send a branded summary to a customer, a work order form approval workflow to a manager, and maintain a record of compliance in a cloud storage destination with a single submission.

  • Build beautiful low-code documents in Excel with formulas, charts, and formatting based on answers in the form
  • Additional developer tools support building advanced custom documents with conditional areas, loops and more
  • Re-use documents across forms for brand consistency, and have a single submission generate different documents for different audiences
Document Type Logos
Custom Documents Packshot

Data drives your business. Make it accessible.

Integrations Packshot
Data collected in the field is used to make business decisions every day. Our smart and automated form workflows let you store, share, and distribute up-to-date information in real time across common back-office systems, cloud services, and custom ERP solutions.
  • Give field workers access to the latest data, e.g. price & parts lists
  • Automate naming of files in the Cloud; easily retrieve files for audits
  • Low-code connections to cloud services; REST API for enterprise integrations

More On Integrations

Put that data to use. Track KPIs in real time and send custom reports.

Your field service team has spent time and effort collecting field data, so don't just store the information as standalone PDF files, never to be looked at again. Use the forms workflow software to feed the raw field data to an analytics engine and extract the embedded value by building dashboards and custom reports.
  • Track field productivity over time using pre-packaged KPI dashboards
  • Use powerful Enterprise analytics tools to build and share fully customized reports
  • Track productivity, improve quality control, monitor compliance

Reporting Packshot

"Using mobile forms allowed us to eliminate 7 days worth of transmitting information to a real-time notification system."

Dan Enachioaie
Software Engineer

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