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Case Study

Sorting Service with Compac, ProntoForms, and ServiceMax

Business Goal
  • Provide preventative service to customers
  • Consistent service delivery
  • Increase service visibility
  • Connect data from the field to systems of record and analytics

The Challenge

Compac is a global leader in optical, mechanical, and electric-empowered integrated post-harvest solutions and services. Compac has over 100 technicians who provide end-to-end service to these complex product-sorting assets, including installing, maintaining, and compliance traceability.

While Compac always delivered on providing world-class customer service, they had a narrowly-focused legacy system that tracked technician time but otherwise left technicians—and customers—unsupported in the field. Due to this gap, technicians were self-managing and self-prioritizing work. This resulted in un-even customer experiences and a reactive service model across the organization.

The Solution

Compac decided to implement an integrated solution with ServiceMax and ProntoForms. ServiceMax updated their legacy scheduling system with ServiceMax's Dispatch Console to create more visibility around where a technician is and what work they completed, as well as generating re-occurring preventative maintenance service events.

ProntoForms was the next layer to extend Compac's reach into the field. When technicians arrive to a service event they are guided step-by-step through complex workflows. These workflows collect rich data that is fed back through ServiceMax to power executive decision making and provide compliance traceability, which is critical for safety objectives.

Data is then sent to Birst BI through ProntoForms, which processes the data and creates reports that are sent directly to clients to prove productivity on-site.

The Benefits

Now not only does Compac provide end-to-end service, but it has improved the end-to-end customer experience. With ProntoForms’ low-code apps, combined with ServiceMax, Compac is able to shift away from reactive to preventive service, provide customers with a high level of visibility, and ultimately offer service that is more consistent, visible, compliant, and engaged than ever.

“ProntoForms has enabled the standardization of service across all our customers so that everybody receives the same level of service. This allows us to be a lot more efficient in enabling customers to be more successful and to move from a reactive to proactive, and from a proactive to predictive maintenance model.”


And since the solution is fully integrated and scalable, Compac has been able to scale the solution across teams globally to further enhance the service predictability—whether the technician is in his or her home base of New Zealand or in the United States.

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