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Choosing & deploying mobile apps for the heavy manufacturing industry


Empower your asset maintenance and aftermarket services

To stay competitive, heavy manufacturing organizations involved in aftermarket services must perfect a complex juggling act. They need to develop custom apps that meet escalating customer service expectations while also improving asset performance. This, without overloading the IT team’s bandwidth.

The platform you choose should depend on the needs of your teams. Your field teams have different requirements than your accounting or communications teams. 

If you’re looking for a field-focused solution that puts app-building into the hands of those closest to the workflows, this guide will help you get started. Drawn from our experience guiding thousands of app deployments and working with industry leaders in heavy manufacturing, we’ve evaluated LCAPs, their capabilities, and mobile form solutions through an aftermarket service lens.

Remember: LCAPs are not one size fits all.

Choosing & deploying mobile apps for the heavy manufacturing industry packshot

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