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Customer Success Story

Dillard Door secures efficiency

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"We're able to bill our customers 2 to 3 days faster."

King Brumley
Door/Service Manager

Business Goal
  • Accelerate customer billing
  • Streamline data collection and entry
  • Provide quality customer service
Outcome & Results
  • Faster billing by 2-3 days
  • Half an hour of paperwork saved every day per technician
  • Improved service with rapid access to customer/job data

The Challenge

Based in Memphis, TN and comprised of 40 employees, Dillard Door provides complete security solutions, installing everything from security doors to cameras to alarm systems.

"Prior to ProntoForms, everything we did was hand-written," says King Brumley, Door/Service Manager.

Field technicians had to fill out work and time sheets on paper. Forms did not reach the office until the next day. A service coordinator then had to manually transcribe the often illegible paper forms. If managers needed to look at old forms, they had to spend time tracking them down.

Furthermore, some of the younger technicians were dissatisfied with the paper-based approach and wanted to adopt a mobile solution.

The Solution

Dillard Door has replaced its manual processes with ProntoForms, a smartphone and tablet mobile form application that enables accurate, rapid and media-rich field data collection.

Dillard Door looked into an app provided by the company's dispatch software, but ProntoForms was a much more cost-effective solution.

ProntoForms allows field technicians to provide detailed information about their site visits, such as tasks performed, who was on the job, the number of hours worked and material used to complete the job. Technicians can take site photos and effortlessly integrate them onto forms. The completed forms are instantly sent to the office for management to review. ProntoForms has saved field technicians at least a half hour every day, allowing them to offer better service to customers.

The Benefits

"If there's ever a question from a customer, we are able to research that much faster without having to track down the paper form."

"ProntoForms helped me as a manager because I'm able to go back and look at what the gentlemen have done," says Brumley.

ProntoForms has also eliminated minutiae in the customer billing cycle. "We're able to bill our customers 2 to 3 days faster."

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