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Case Study

Display Max shows off solution to gain new clients

Business Goal
  • Cut down on data entry time
  • Adopt an upgraded data collection process to satisfy retail clients
Outcome & Results
  • ProntoForms has more than paid for itself as paperwork and data entry time have been greatly reduced
  • Increased customer satisfaction as customers get results faster
  • ProntoForms is a selling point to prospective new clients

The Challenge

Since 1992, Display Max Merchandising has been installing in-store displays and other on-the-spot merchandise struc- tures for retail outlets across the country. Its entire business is based on having professionals in the field, able to provide top level service and to work efficiently.

"We go in to stores and execute a reset, helping these out- lets to launch new product lines," described Blaine Love, Display Max Merchandising Senior Product Manager. In order to keep track of all of these orders and in-the-field tasks, Display Max used to rely heavily on paper forms.

"Every job has a lot of form components to it. We report on every store we deal with, including taking pictures and getting the manager's signature on site. The norm was for our team to fax form hard copies with signoff back to the office."

Blaine said that field workers, after working eight and ten hour days, were also having to go back to their hotel rooms and upload pictures and other files to the company's Microsoft SharePoint system. The process was quite taxing on Display Max workers and the retail clients were also looking for an upgrade in processes.

"One of our clients suggested a mobile business solution to upgrade efficiencies in the field. AT&T then suggested ProntoForms to us and we haven't looked back."

The Solution

Electing to implement ProntoForms, a leading mobile business solution that converts paper forms onto any smart device, Blaine and his team installed the service on 25 BlackBerry devices in the field. Using ProntoForms, the Display Max workers are able to capture info, photos and signatures on their mobile devices, instantly integrating all of the data right into the digital form. The forms can then be sent back to headquarters, completely integrated with the company's back office system.

"Halfway through the ProntoForms demo, we were convinced that this was the answer for us."

Initially, the Gateway team tested ProntoForms by introducing a mobile job hazard assessment form. The efficiencies seen in the initial form pilot got even bigger as people started using a mobile form version of the work order service ticket.

The Benefits

"Factoring in the amount of hours our workers were spending on paperwork and processes, ProntoForms has more than paid for itself thus far. The team is extremely happy with the reduced paperwork and data uploading."

Blaine's largest client is happier as well. With ProntoForms, reports are sent off in real-time, meaning customers get results faster.

"We actually use ProntoForms as a selling point to prospective new clients. We believe it's a tremendous asset to our business and we're exploring other areas where we believe the multi-purpose service could be applicable."

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