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The What, Why, and How of DREL


The What, Why, and How of DREL eBook showcases how our proprietary language builds expressions that transform your ProntoForms experience. It provides you with techniques to help you lighten your workload and streamline work within your organization. You'll be inspired by several use cases and discover how using DREL can easily solve many of your business problems.

It's a must-read for Citizen Developers who have been searching for a way to shave time off of their busy schedule or are looking to accelerate their knowledge of ProntoForms' low-code platform.

What you will learn:

  • What DREL is and what inspired us to develop it
  • What problems DREL solves
  • What DREL expressions look like and how they're used
  • Why you should use DREL
  • Several use cases to demonstrate how to use DREL in your organization
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