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Mobility Makes It Better: Transform Field Service Workflows for Oil & Gas


As an oil, gas, or utility sector specialist, you know that data gathered from the field is critical. The information collected helps optimize operations, flag new opportunities, and diminish risks. The question is: how are you collecting this data? Do you still use paper forms? If so, you may be missing a critical differentiator between you and the competition.  Recent studies indicate that less than half of Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) professionals, for instance, have transitioned away from paper forms, and fewer than 25% use automated mobile platforms to send in their reports. Despite this, digital transformation remains a critical step towards providing better service and reducing EHS risks. That means early adopters who embrace mobile solutions can gain an edge over the majority of competition. 

Using a modern mobile solution means that lost, stained, illegible, or inaccurate paper forms can become a thing of the past. They also enable organizations to reduce delays, costly mistakes, and poor inspection practices with tailored workflows that guide technicians through oil, gas, and utility workflows.

This eBook presents eleven specially selected workflows focused exclusively on fieldwork in the oil, gas, and utility sectors to:

  • Improve the accuracy and efficiency of your Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) inspections
  • Streamline compliance with OSHA guidelines and requirements
  • Improve vehicle inspection efficiency and accountability
  • Better track tank meter levels, wear and tear, production, and usage rates
  • Submit and receive work orders for field service requests faster
  • Receive enhanced lock out/ tag out inspection results in real time
  • Elevate compressor production and EHS compliance
  • Harness key insights and trends from well measurement and observation data
  • Streamline and refine your fuel delivery processes
  • Magnify the impact of your incident reports on site EHS compliance
  • Revamp field asset inspections

Discover how mobility makes it better. Use this handy reference to transform your fieldwork into the data engine it could (and should) be.

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