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Case Study

Faith Technologies transforms audits with ProntoForms

Business Goal
  • Modernize the audit survey process
  • Transform the way data flows between the field and office
Outcome & Results
  • 1 hour saved per inspector per day
  • Improved tracking of complete and incomplete work
  • Improved customer satisfaction now that they quickly receive reports
The Challenge

The engineers at Faith Technologies are required to perform regular audit surveys of electrical equipment to ensure that the installations continue to perform efficiently and safely for years to come. In the past, this audit process was handled manually. Typically, an engineer used a clipboard and pen to fill out paper forms - capturing everything from client address and contact details to equipment type, model and serial numbers, and parts that needed service or replacement.

After completing the survey, the inspector would hand a paper copy to the client, and fax or mail the original form to the office, where it would be reviewed, processed, and stored in a file cabinet, never to be looked at again.

"Not only was this process time-consuming - Faith Technologies employees conduct multiple surveys every week, each spanning several printed pages - much of their time was spent filling out basic customer and equipment information that was already known."

"There was no easy way to update the old forms with new fields, or quickly review previously filed audit reports. More importantly, there was no way to include photos from the sites which serve as Faith Technologies' main reference point for formal reports and records," continues Greg Parenteau, Electrical Engineer in Faith Technology's Mission Critical Team.

The Solution

In an effort to modernize the audit survey process, and transform the way the company manages the flow of information between the field and the office, Faith Technologies deployed the ProntoForms mobile workflow solution running on iPads.

"The new process makes it easy to fill out the survey forms on site, and, back in the office, quickly locate information buried in previous reports - a huge improvement over the dusty old file cabinet. Faith Technologies also appreciates the skip logic feature that automatically skips questions and sections that aren't relevant for a particular form - a great time-saver that makes for a seamless user experience."

The mobile solution allows the inspection teams to incorporate up-to-date data stored in their own CRM system into the mobile forms. When visiting a site, the inspector simply selects the site from a drop-down menu and all the linked fields are auto-populated - address, phone, company contact, emails, etc.

"The solution was very easy to deploy, and Faith Technologies was particularly impressed with how easy it was to use - both for the people in the field, as well as on the admin side, where we can easily edit existing questions and add new ones."

During the audit surveys, the inspectors often take photos of the equipment using a mobile device, and sketch directly on top of the image with their fingers to highlight areas of concern or identify components that need to be replaced.

When building their forms, Faith Technologies uses structured sections - a feature that organizes the information in a structured way that makes it much easier to integrate collected data with back-office systems and visualize business trends using analytics engines.

Structured sections also allow a whole series of questions to be quickly inserted as a block, making it possible to bypass the sometimes time-consuming process of adding questions to a form one by one. For example, a company that performs safety inspections in a series of similar buildings doesn't have to build the full form by entering all the questions individually. Each building can be treated as a section and copied all at once.

When these forms are viewed in the mobile app, the structured sections are displayed using intuitive show/hide toggle switches that show either just the header of a section or all the questions listed. This makes it easy to quickly navigate all the sections of a long and complex form. By hiding all sections except the one being worked on, the user experiences the best of both worlds at-a-glance overview of the hidden sections headers and all the individual questions in the open section.

The Benefits

"The old paper-based process was slow and cumbersome, and we knew we needed a change," says Greg Parenteau.

"The mobile solution has made it possible for us to work much more efficiently in the field, and our customers love that they immediately get a report on the status of the equipment and a list of recommended repairs or maintenance. Using ProntoForms makes it much easier for Faith Technologies to keep track of the work that has been done and the work that still needs to be completed."

Parenteau estimates that replacing paper forms with a mobile solution is saving Faith Technologies about one hour per inspector per day. With hundreds of audits done annually, the savings in time spent completing the audits in the field alone add up quickly.

"ProntoForms has helped Faith Technologies transform its field service operations," concludes Greg Parenteau.

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