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Customer Success Story

Pesado goes mobile, saves big.

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"The mobile solution [deployed to 50 users] tracks costs in real time, gives us full visibility into each project, and helps us make better business decisions."

Jeff Peel

Business Goal
  • Tighten processes for increased efficiency
  • Improve return on investment
Outcome & Results
  • Over $250,000 saved in 2015 just on the administrative side
  • Significantly improved efficiency
  • More informed business decisions due to integration with analytics engine

The Challenge

Pesado Energy Services is a Mississippi-based pipeline construction company specializing in both new construction and maintenance projects in the energy industry.

"We were kind of shooting from the hip when it came to setting up a new job," says Jeff Peel, Chief Operating Officer. There was no formal documentation that outlined the scope of the job or the workers and equipment needed.

For Pesado, tracking on-the-job expenses is critical, as they essentially eat into the profit margin. But to track these expenses, the company was relying on time-consuming manual processes, which offered little return on investment. "We can't make a lot of money when someone's sitting in a room just looking at paper."

The administrative side of the business also racked up high costs. "We were spending a ton of money on staff doing our audit procedures, from safety to expense reports." These audits are ongoing in the heavily regulated energy industry.

Collected field data was vulnerable to inaccuracies. "It's like the old game of telephone. If there's 10 people involved in getting data to an end destination, it's going to get distorted, and at some point, it's going to break down."

The Solution

To tighten its business processes, Pesado equipped its field techs with ProntoForms on iOS devices. ProntoForms is the leading smartphone and tablet mobile forms application that enables swift, accurate, and media-rich field data collection.

"Data gets captured accurately and in a timely manner," says Peel. "We've been able to shorten up that point A to point B."

One of the most crucial forms that Pesado has mobilized is a Job Number Request, which is completed by a supervisor whenever the company takes on a new project. The form outlines the equipment needed for the job, the customer, the location, and even how much the job will cost. As soon as the form is submitted, everyone involved in the project is notified and can get started immediately. "It's really allowed for us to operate and collaborate better, and be quicker and more proactive."

The Benefits

Pesado has seen substantial savings on the administrative side. For instance, the labor scheduling process has been completely revamped. The new mobile solution allows the company to immediately see if a field worker is qualified to be working on a specific job, as each customer has different qualification requirements. This gives Pesado ample time to either find a replacement or get that worker qualified.

"ProntoForms has not only saved us over $250,000 in administration costs, but the mobile solution has also transformed the way we run our business."

Renting equipment can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars every day. ProntoForms provides Pesado with a full overview of which equipment is required for each job and the length of time that job will require, making it easy to optimize the use of each asset and minimize costs.

Tracking expenses was once relegated to time-consuming, paper-based processes. But now Peel can see, in real time, all incoming expenses, allowing him to evaluate and review cash flow and the profit margin on each project.

ProntoForms integrates seamlessly with Pesado's 3rd-party analytics engine, allowing the company to extract insights from collected data. The company can now easily measure key performance indicators, such as the costs associated with a specific job.

"The mobile solution tracks costs in real time, gives us full visibility into each project, and helps us make better business decisions," says Peel. "Having real-time access to relevant job data gives us the power to do our job better today, tomorrow, and down the road - and become a more profitable business."

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