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Customer Success Story

Rentokil eradicates inefficiencies

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"ProntoForms has taken the emphasis off of administration concerns and put it back where it belongs - on quality control."

Paul Kamzelski
NA Director of Customer Service

Business Goal
  • Bolster data collection processes
  • Reduce manual processes
Outcome & Results
  • Over 200 hrs/week saved on data entry
  • Faster data collection and submission
  • Improved employee morale

The Challenge

With a presence in over 40 countries, Rentokil is a long established global pest control company. The company was looking to improve its North American operations. Part of what makes Rentokil one of the most successful firms in its industry is its dedication to carrying out an extensive QA program.

"We have an excellent QA program that evaluates the work of our team, but the administration side simply couldn't keep up. We looked at building a solution internally, but that's a difficult and extremely time-consuming process," explains Paul Kamzelski, Rentokil North American Director of Customer Service.

Rentokil third party vendors and senior company members regularly inspect work on key accounts, conducting thorough audits. These audits require detailed data recording, among other requirements.

This audit data, originally collected on paper forms, then had to be manually entered into the company's back office system by manager personnel.

The Solution

What started out as simple intrigue with a television commercial, turned into a full-blown business process redesign.

Kamzelski's process concerns were answered when he came across a television commercial for AT&T Business Solutions, featuring the use of ProntoForms, a leading mobile business application. He was intrigued and immediately inquired about the mobile solution.

ProntoForms is a paperless, customizable mobile form solution for smartphones and tablets, and facilitates the recording of data (including media-rich data) in the field, allowing for its transfer to any back office system in real time.

To start, Kamzelski and the Rentokil team installed ProntoForms on 18 devices, ranging from Blackberries and iPhones, to the Samsung devices. The user-friendly ProntoForms interface also meant a very small learning curve for Rentokil's workers in the field - even for its most non-tech savvy employees.

"The versatility of ProntoForms was another major selling feature for us. We already had several devices, so the fact that ProntoForms works effectively on all of them has really helped us integrate the application into our work processes."

The Benefits

Today, Rentokil has deployed ProntoForms to approximately 400 users in the field.

"Our team has really taken to using ProntoForms. When you consider that each of our over 100 Operation Managers had to spend a couple of hours inputting audit information every week off of paper forms, it wasn't hard to get them to buy in. In fact, morale has also improved since ProntoForms has led to workers being even more willing to go ahead and conduct audits."

With future plans to deploy ProntoForms for additional data collection purposes, Rentokil couldn't be happier with the powerful mobile business solution.

"ProntoForms has taken the emphasis off of administration concerns and put it back where it belongs - on quality control."

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