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Case Study

Summerhill increases productivity and reduces costs

Business Goal
  • Reduce time spent filling in forms
  • Save money on paper forms
  • Become more efficient at field data collection
Outcome & Results
  • Better and faster data analysis
  • 80% cost reduction in forms per month
  • Elimination of manual data entry
The Challenge

Summerhill regularly conducts energy building audits to identify a variety of energy inefficiencies and the current process requires heavy documentation and recording of all of the elements associated with new product installations.

Previously, this process involved separately filling out paper forms and taking photos. This offline data would then have to be manually entered into the company's back office system, a lengthy task for each field rep. "We realized that our field reps were spending large amounts of time filling out paper forms and entering information into our databases, and that we had to make a change," explains Jonathan Hudson, Program Manager for Summerhill.

As a firm carrying out the mandate set forth by Efficiency Nova Scotia, Summerhill needed to become more efficient and organized with field data collection.

The Solution

The company researched e-forms and other options, finally settling on wireless carrier Bell's recommendation of ProntoForms. The leading mobile form solution for improving business process efficiency and saving on operational costs, ProntoForms mobile forms include dynamic data capture features and a multitude of data connectivity options.

Form features from ProntoForms allow Summerhill's field reps to collect information in a more complete and orderly fashion. Each form can include client signatures, uploaded photos and even automatic quote calculations.

The Benefits

Upon deployment of ProntoForms, the ROI was apparent immediately.

"We did a cost benefit analysis on ProntoForms and it was easy to see the benefits to our bottom line. The old paper form process was costing us approximately $100 per month per field rep. Now, according to the numbers, each month, ProntoForms pays for itself in the first week."

On average, field reps were spending two hours a night entering data onto the computer, a requirement that ProntoForms has now eliminated.

"Now, according to the numbers, each month, ProntoForms pays for itself in the first week."

"With ProntoForms, we have standardized the way that information is collected, submitted and entered into our system."

As an added benefit, Hudson believes that the Summerhill team is now more on top of its business processes, able to better analyze data to discover trends and/or discrepancies faster.

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