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Customer Success Story

Tanknology improves productivity and quality of service

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"We were doing about 300 inspections per month. Now we're doing about 1,300 inspections per month."

Jason Bloch
Inspection Services Manager

Business Goal
  • Reduce time required to submit inspection forms
  • Increase efficiency of each inspection
  • Optimize compliance inspection rates
Outcome & Results
  • 3X increase in inspections
  • 1.5 hrs/day of paperwork saved
  • Increased customer satisfaction

The Challenge

With offices across North America, Tanknology is the world's largest provider of tank testing and environmental compliance for petroleum systems. Their 150 employees visit more than 50,000 sites per year to perform compliance inspections and testing.

The company was looking to enhance compliance inspections by making them as efficient as possible.

Scanning and submitting reports at the end of each day impacted the number of hours employee spent in the field, and resulted in additional cumbersome work after hours.

"All of our inspectors were doing pen and paper inspection forms, going back to their homes or hotels at the end of every evening, and then scanning the paperwork in. It took them an additional hour to two hours every night to make sure that they uploaded the paperwork correctly."

The Solution

Tanknology replaced their compliance form processes with ProntoForms, a smartphone and tablet mobile form application that enables accurate, rapid and media-rich field data collection.

Using ProntoForms enabled their compliance inspectors to complete their forms much easier and faster. The inspectors use the solution's drop down menus to fill in form fields faster. Having pull down data incorporated into the forms also reduces data entry errors.

"One of the great features of using ProntoForms is the integrated camera feature, so we can take pictures of deficiencies from the site and have it imbedded right into the inspection report."

Being able to include pictures equips inspectors to better articulate site deficiencies than they could with words.

Another feature that improved Tanknology's quality of service was ProntoForms' GPS and time stamp feature, which provided valuable business data to field managers as well as detailed data to support compliance reports.

"That gives a digital imprint of the data and time the inspection was submitted, and the address from where it was submitted. It also gives a corresponding view on google maps, which gives our customer confidence to know that our data is accurate and truthful."

The Benefits

Using ProntoForms has equipped Tanknology to complete more inspections per month.

"Prior to ProntoForms we were doing about 300 inspections per month, on a regional scale. Now that we've implemented ProntoForms, we're doing about 1,300 inspections per month coast to coast."

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