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Customer Success Story

Tavern in the Square goes paperless with ProntoForms

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"There's lots of information out there. But how can you go through that information and figure out where the best place is to apply positive energy to move the business forward? That's a great thing that the tool does."

Paul Booras
Director of Culinary Operations

Business Goal
  • Cut down on the volume of paper by going mobile
  • Improve the quality of safety and sanitation
  • Track trends over time to improve overall performance
Outcome & Results
  • Eliminated large amounts of paperwork
  • Established easily accessible trend reports to push performance

The Challenge

In 2004, the Red Sox won the World Series. That same year, the first Tavern in the Square opened its doors in Boston. Over the years, Tavern in the Square has evolved from a sports bar into several full-service restaurants which feature sizeable bars and patios.

Paul Booras, Director of Culinary Operations, performs thorough restaurant inspections. Prior to ProntoForms, operators would tend to use between 25 and 30 sheets of paper every day.

The Solution

Booras has mobilized restaurant inspection forms with ProntoForms. "I come into the restaurant and spend about an hour going through the entire back of the restaurant, station by station, area by area, to see if it is set up properly and assess the safety and sanitation aspects of it, to look at how the facility is being maintained."

Switching to the ProntoForms platform on BlackBerry allows Booras to maximize efficiency and minimize paperwork and errors. The BlackBerry gives the desired speed with the benefits of a touch screen.

The Benefits

ProntoForms has provided Tavern in the Square with the information needed to elevate business performance. "I send a report, when I complete it, to the general manager of a location, and it gives me a long-term permanent record that I can use as a baseline to push performance," says Booras.

"There's lots of information out there, but how can you go through that information and figure out where the best place is to apply positive effort or positive energy to move the business forward? That's the great thing that the tool does."

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