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Customer Success Story

TEC Services powers floor care performance with ProntoForms

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"ProntoForms tells us what needs to happen tonight, tomorrow, and next week as we look towards the future of providing the best service for our clients."

Jared Agan

Business Goal
  • Improve visibility in the field to improve service quality
  • Share Account Director Visitation Reports in real-time
Outcome & Results
  • Improved information flows reduced call-backs by 74%
  • Raised customer satisfaction to 95% for over 800 locations
  • Maintained 100% customer retention over four years

The Challenge

TEC Services is a national janitorial company, operating primarily in the retail sector. They provide service in 27 states, cleaning roughly 53 million square feet every night.

Customer satisfaction is at TEC Services' core. Scaling to a nation-wide business required a sophisticated technology platform that allowed them to manage their services efficiently.

The company realized they had to overhaul their paper-based inspection and reporting system, improving visibility into the field.

TEC Services also aimed to improve how they used data collected in the field, rather than simply storing paper forms in a dead-end filing cabinet.

The Solution

TEC Services adopted ProntoForms, the leading mobile forms solution that allows users to effortlessly collect and submit detailed and accurate data from the field in real time.

Account Directors are now able to perform store walkthroughs and fill out Account Director Visitation Reports with store managers, identifying concerns or issues in real-time, so when cleaners arrive in store, they know exactly what needs doing. The system also includes photos and signatures that prove managers have given full sign-off on all activities.

"The ProntoForms technology platform allows us to be an extremely transparent, measurable, data-driven organization," says Jared Agan, President of TEC Services. "Getting a weekly summary report for every account helps us put our arms around over 800 locations on a weekly basis."

The Benefits

Transparency and improved efficiency has led to 74% fewer call backs and 50% reduction in preventative maintenance, which has translated into 95% customer satisfaction and 100% customer retention over the last four years.

"Data from ProntoForms tells us what needs to happen tonight, tomorrow, next week as we look towards the future of providing the best service for our clients."

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