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Case Study

Triple R Bail Bonds improves customer service

Business Goal
  • Streamline the process of completing bailout forms
  • Improve customer service
  • Meet strict judicial form requirements
Outcome & Results
  • Up to 20 minutes of paperwork saved per client
  • Instant access to forms upon judicial request
The Challenge

While the bail bond industry is different because it deals with the justice system on a daily basis, it's also similar to almost every type of industry in the sense that it requires an abundance of data collection on the go.

Since 2005, Triple R Bail Bonds, Inc. is an Arkansas business with 25 agents in the field that's perennially looking to improve customer service and embrace cutting edge technology. Co-Owner Jeremy Rowland, also Vice-Chairman of the state's Bail Bond Board, had been looking for a way to streamline the incredible amount of paperwork that each client bailout required.

"For every single bond, there are seven to eight forms to fill out, some of them in triplicate and quadruplicate. When using paper, this requires significant repetitive handwriting, which, in some cases, can be illegible."

Triple R Bail Bonds was looking for a way to reduce this lengthy and stressful process.

"Form data collection speed is extremely important. The faster I can fill out my forms, the faster my client can exit jail."

The Solution

Looking to greatly improve efficiency, Jeremy discovered ProntoForms, a smartphone and tablet mobile form application that facilitates data collection, connecting the data to back office systems and popular cloud services.

"We immediately loved ProntoForms. It works on several platforms, allowing our agents to use it with their existing mobile devices. Once we re-created our existing forms for mobile devices, the guys in the field found it easy to use."

Before implementing ProntoForms, Jeremy sought and received judicial state approval to utilize the mobile solution, mainly because of the form GPS and time stamp capabilities. This means that the forms will hold up in a court of law.

Triple R's agents fill out forms on their mobile devices, with or without connectivity, and even in draft mode. They collect client information, signatures, and photo captures, including images of the client, bond and warrant.

For easy filing, all forms are sent immediately to Evernote, a popular cloud storage service. An alert is also sent to the Triple R secretary via email notification, with nothing to print out.

The Benefits

When it comes to bail bonds, speed is everything.

"In our industry, the ability to advertise is somewhat limited. We rely heavily on word of mouth. ProntoForms has allowed us to bail out customers as much as 20 minutes faster. That's a huge competitive advantage."

Moreover, if a judge or the Bail Bond Board requests information on a specific case, a Triple R staff member no longer has to find a paper file, remove the staples, scan it, email it and then re-assemble and re-file the paper forms. Now, the information is easily accessed from Evernote and sent in no time.

Jeremy has also presented the ProntoForms solution to other industry professionals. "Whenever I showcase how we use ProntoForms, everyone in the room instantly realizes that we're five steps ahead of them."

Someday soon, Jeremy would like to see the bail bond industry standardize and mobilize all forms.

"In my opinion, anyone who isn't using ProntoForms is not only doing a disservice to their business, but they're also doing a disservice to their clients."

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