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Recorded Webinar

Safety & Technology Trends: Your Path to Target Zero

Abby Ferri
Abby Ferri

Chief Safety Consultant
The Ferri Group

Mark Scott
Hosted by
Mark Scott

VP Marketing

This webcast explores how environmental, health, and safety professionals can use technology, specifically mobile solutions, to raise compliance - and carve a path to a safer jobsite.

ProntoForms, in partnership with EHS Daily Advisor, recently conducted a survey of over 450 safety professionals on their use of technology to support safety processes. The results were astonishing. More than 50 per cent of respondents are still using paper-based processes to collect and share data. These antiquated processes leave you vulnerable to inaccuracies and communication bottlenecks, which can lead to non-compliance.

Throughout this webcast, Safety & Risk Expert Abby Ferri and ProntoForms' VP of Marketing Mark Scott will weigh in on the key results of this survey, examining how these trends impact safety processes.

What you will learn:

  • Compare your EHS processes to those of mobile-equipped organizations
  • Understand the tremendous impact that technology, in particular mobile solutions, can have on achieving compliance
  • Discover how powerful iOS devices can be leveraged to enhance safety processes
  • Effectively communicate to company leadership how mobile solutions can help you reach your safety goals

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