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Recorded Webinar

5 Key Insights Facility Managers Can Gain from Analytics


The ability to leverage real-time data has revolutionized how services are delivered, allowing smarter, more streamlined workflows. Using analytics, facility managers can leverage data collected in the field into a highly efficient workforce and more satisfied clients. Customized dashboards also allow for easy information sharing with key stakeholders for faster, informed decision-making.

Join ProntoForms, the leader in mobile forms and workflows, as we discuss the power of a rich facility management analytics system. Learn how you can leverage analytics, decrease time and resources spent on jobs, and significantly improve SLA compliance.

Learning objectives:

  • Realize the true value of incorporating analytics into a business
  • Analyze how powerful rich data can be in supporting an efficient management routine
  • Learn how facility management service providers have successfully implemented analytics workflows
  • Understand the return on investment that can be found with analytics
  • Learn how powerful iOS devices can enhance processes for Facility Managers

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