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Case Study

Wolf Pack takes charge of operational productivity

Business Goal
  • Collect information faster
  • Enhance rental tracking capabilities
Outcome & Results
  • One month's salary saved by each field office every month
  • Up to 10 days saved on each invoice delivery
  • Time saved on end-of-well tickets

Raising communication capabilities

In the pressure-filled oil and gas industry, where equipment functionality and working conditions are paramount, Wolf Pack Rentals has carved out a significant role in the United States. With a presence in six states, including corporate offices in Texas, Wolf Pack Rentals supplies housing and related equipment for oil and gas drill sites, including mobile restrooms, generators and fresh water systems. Wolf Pack is a firm that counts on the reliability of its equipment and the work of its employees - both in and out of the field.

As part of its business processes, Wolf Pack sends out service technicians and inspectors to work sites, to ensure optimal equipment functionality. Previously, these field workers would handwrite service tickets, including having to add up paper form figures manually.

"We wanted a mobile solution that would help us collect information faster, in a more professional format, that would also automatically add up the figures," explains Rhonda Bridges, Wolf Pack Rentals Office Manager.

Initially, the company looked into several paperless form options, such as designing an in-house solution and various software options. None of these alternatives appeared to fit all of Wolf Pack's needs.

"All of the options we looked at were somewhat expensive and didn't do anything for tracking the rent side of things. Fortunately, one of our third party vendors was using ProntoForms and we were then introduced to it by AT&T."

A customizable mobile form solution consisting of a mobile application and a platform, ProntoForms helps companies collect data in the field and instantly send it back to the office. ProntoForms works on smartphones and tablets, features cloud services connectivity, and the ability to capture signatures, photos and barcodes within digital forms. The solution can also be integrated with any back office system.

Right off the bat, Wolf Pack management had ambitious plans for the deployment of ProntoForms on iPads. Taking advantage of the customizable nature of the application and platform, the company worked with the ProntoForms team to develop unique and time-saving solutions.

"The ProntoForms customer service has been spectacular. We were able to take advantage of items such as lookup tables and become much more efficient. Now, clerks are creating end-of-well tickets in two minutes, when the previous paper process had them answering 40 questions by hand, sometimes with spelling mistakes or illegible responses."

"Since implementing ProntoForms, each one of our five field offices is saving four to five days a month in paperwork processing; the equivalent to saving a complete full-time employee salary every month. Plus, our invoices are going out up to ten days sooner. "

ProntoForms has also aided the Wolf Pack accounting department with invoicing, as field inspection and service call details are in a more logical format and easier to double check.

Moving forward, Wolf Pack would like to take more advantage of the ProntoForms dispatch functionality. Dispatch lets offices send out key information and partially filled in forms to the mobile devices of workers in the field, such as work instructions.

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