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What is Prontoforms
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TEC Services powers floor care performance with ProntoForms

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"The compliance aspect is the driving force behind our implementation, there's no question."
- Rodney Jenny, Executive VP, Construction Division Manager
"ProntoForms tells us what needs to happen tonight, tomorrow, and next week as we look towards the future of providing the best service for our clients."
- Jared Agan, President
"ProntoForms has saved drivers three minutes per service call - or 750 hours every month."
- Jody Smith, Fleet Operations Manager
"With one hour of savings per day for 200 users, that's 4200 hours per month. It equals out to about $ 180K/month in savings."
- Sherri Deveau, Business Support Analyst
"The field staff only has to answer one to three questions, and ProntoForms automatically prepopulates 20-30 questions that they would have had to manually enter before."
- Chad Anderson, I.T. Analyst/Programmer
"Conservatively, ProntoForms is saving our teams half an hour per day. That's $25,000 a month."
- Travis Vought, Vice President
"The mobile solution tracks costs in real time, gives us full visibility into each project, and helps us make better business decisions."
- Jeff Peel, COO
"The Analytics dashboards provide the information and analysis we need to make credible, data-driven recommendations for operational process improvements."
- Jared Agan, VP of Operations
"In the past, our agents would have to go back to the office for a form and then get back out to the location of the injured traveler. Now, they carry the form on them at all times, electronically."
- Michael Damico, ISS Manager
"ProntoForms is now playing a crucial role helping Jet's Pizza improve the quality and speed of restaurant inspections."
- Jeff Tamachaski, Director of Training
"We were doing about 300 inspections per month. Now we're doing about 1,300 inspections per month."
- Jason Bloch, Inspection Services Manager
"We're hitting between 95 and 100 per cent compliance, on a monthly basis."
- Patricia Richards, Manager of Business Data Analysis
"ProntoForms is helping us take people off the street."
- Stacey Anewishki, Chief Program Officer
"We're able to bill our customers 2 to 3 days faster."
- King Brumley, Door/Service Manager
"As soon as they are finished at that job site, they can send that form in and we have it immediately. In turn, I can send my invoices out quicker, which can help with our cashflow."
- Jennifer Weithman, Railroad Protective Services
"We had many different styles of audit and survey forms that our Area Managers had to fill out. Having everything paper based was simply no longer feasible in today's fast paced business world."
- TJ Dela Pena, Management Director
"We're doing what nobody else can do."
- Michael Mudditt, VP of Technical Services
"The old paper form process was costing us approximately $100 per month per field rep. With ProntoForms, we have standardized the way that information is collected, submitted and entered into our system."
- Jonathan Hudson, Program Manager
"We get more jobs done during the day than we used to."
- Debbie Slivka, Office Manager
"By using ProntoForms instead of standard paper forms, Ingersoll Rand saves £48,818 per year."
"Rather than spending our time on data entry, we now spend our time on data analysis."
- Jonathan Wilks, Advisor of Regulatory Affairs
"Before, the process could take up to five days. Now, forms are dispatched to all of management via ProntoForms and the whole process takes an hour."
- Christina Lindstrom, Health and Safety Manager
"Before, the process could take up to five days. Now, forms are dispatched to all of management via ProntoForms and the whole process takes an hour."
- Kelly Collins, Marketing Director
"ProntoForms has changed the way that we capture leads. Instead of hand writing out a card and hoping we can get in touch with the customer or the customer calls us, we now fill out a quote and deliver it instantly to their email inbox."
- Adam Cooney, Manager of Call Centers
"ProntoForms has taken the emphasis off of administration concerns and put it back where it belongs - on quality control."
- Paul Kamzelski, North American Director of Customer Service
"ProntoForms was extremely easy to deploy, and worked right away with our Android devices. It was also simple to tie to our backend systems."
- Dave Herbert, Mechanical IT Manager
"The ProntoForms customer service has been spectacular. We were able to take advantage of items such as lookup tables and become much more efficient. Now, clerks are creating end-of-well tickets in two minutes"
- Rhonda Bridges, Office Manager
"ProntoForms has allowed us to bail out customers as much as 20 minutes faster. That's a huge competitive advantage."
- Jeremy Rowland, Co-Owner
"Switching from paper forms to mobile forms on tablets was a scary idea for some of our technicians. But they all love ProntoForms. They find it intuitive and easy to use - even the guys who had never used a tablet before!"
- Stephane Turpin, National Manager, Care Service
"ProntoForms has been a huge benefit to the fleets. It's helped to make the team more efficient and most importantly, the customers happier."
- Ryan Schultz, IT Manager
"ProntoForms has more than paid for itself thus far. The team is extremely happy with the reduced paperwork and data uploading."
- Blaine Love, Merchandising Senior Product Manager
"There's lots of information out there. But how can you go through that information and figure out where the best place is to apply positive energy to move the business forward? That's a great thing that the tool does."
- Paul Booras, Director of Culinary Operations
"ProntoForms has helped Faith Technologies transform its field service operations."
- Greg Parenteau, Electrical Engineer