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Customer Success Story
MSS increases productivity and service quality

"We're doing what nobody else can do."

Michael Mudditt, VP of Technical Services
Movers Specialty Service
Business Goals
  • Accelerate customer billing
  • Reduce paper cost & storage
  • Reduce field workers' handling of paperwork
Outcome & Results
  • Real-time tracking
  • 50% faster customer billing
  • Improved cash flow
The Challenge
The Solution
The Benefits

Headquartered in Montgomeryville, PA, Movers Specialty Service offers nationwide moving services via a network of service providers.

"In our business, we have contracts where if we don't bill by the time our customer tells us we have to bill, we don't get paid," says Michael Mudditt, VP of technical services.

Because of these demands, the company had a large, costly and inefficient billing operation that relied on paper, faxes and manual data entry. Moving contractors were also inundated with paperwork.

"Our contractors would spend all day on the road and then get home at night, sometimes in the summer, at 10 o'clock at night and have to spend the next couple of hours putting the paperwork together in order to get it to us on a fax machine."

MSS has replaced its billing and moving forms with ProntoForms, a smartphone and tablet mobile form application that enables accurate, rapid and media-rich field data collection.

Field technicians have to make sure that a customer's most valuable possessions aren't damaged in transit. They need to take photos of these items, and with ProntoForms, they can now seamlessly integrate photos onto forms.

MSS uses ProntoForms' GPS feature to ensure the accountability of field technicians. GPS allows the company to keep track of field technicians and ensure that their assigned work was completed.

The signature capture feature allows technicians to have customers sign off when a job is finished, proving that the work was completed to the customer's satisfaction.

MSS now boasts a much leaner billing operation. By adopting ProntoForms, says Mudditt, "we went almost paperless." The billing department has reduced its paper consumption from two pallets every month to just half a pallet every three months.

"If you have a job on site at 10 o'clock in the morning, the form could be in the biller's hand by 10:30 and billed by 11 o'clock. We're doing what nobody else can do."

Mudditt would strongly recommend ProntoForms to other businesses. "It has made a massive difference to the profitability of this company."

ProntoForms has sped up customer billing by 24 hours.

ProntoForms has also cut down on the company's operating expenses. Since deploying the solution, 400,000 forms have been automatically processed. "That's a massive cost-saving."

MSS contractors no longer have to spend their nights completing paperwork. "The last thing that our contractors now see is when they look in the mirror and see the house behind them. The forms are already filled in and the data is already with us."


Collect data on mobile devices.
Integrate with business systems.
Analyze data in real time.
Deploy rapidly.

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