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What is Prontoforms
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Customer Success Story
Analytics works for The Matworks

Business Goal
  • Improve efficiency of operations
  • Establish a consistent data collection process
  • Create key performance leading indicators
  • Increase consistent delivery of high level services
Outcome & Results
  • 75% reduction in non-scheduled work orders
  • Improved consistency positioned for significant growth
  • Improved customer relations with proactive ops management

Since 1966, The Matworks has been installing and managing high-quality flooring solutions for commercial clients. The Maryland-based company has Executive Account Directors and Quality Assurance specialists in the field, plus a large subcontractor network performing janitorial, installation, testing and surveying services nationwide They have experienced over 100% bottom line growth each of the past two years based on deliverable results.

They are currently operating janitorial services in over 500 locations in 17 states and expect their business to continue its rapid success and growth.

The company collects data whenever their teams visit customers in the field. Before adopting ProntoForms, The Matworks field staff used to manually fill out inspection forms, or create schedules on paper, which were later scanned or manually entered into a spreadsheet or text document and then stored in email. It amounted to hundreds of paper forms monthly.

"We kept track of everything via spreadsheets and emails and followed up with the customers individually, but there was not really any consistency from customer to customer. It was not very efficient, and it led to service woes."

- Jared Agan, VP of Operations

The ad-hoc data collection solution used by The Matworks meant that the company was operating below capacity with regards to field team productivity, operational efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Operational excellence in 2016 requires a digitally native workflow - collecting digital native and traditional data types using mobile devices.


In an effort to improve the efficiency of their operations and establish a consistent data collection process, The Matworks management team turned to ProntoForms, a mobile platform that allows for the rapid collection and submission of field data. A few weeks later, The Matworks' field service teams started using digital forms on iPhones and iPad Airs to quickly complete on-site inspections of the services provided.

Mobile forms have made it easy for The Matworks to monitor the performance of individuals as well as teams, and, in real time, track the number of completed tasks and identify opportunities for continuous improvement of services rendered. The company set a target for their Quality Assurance Managers to perform on-site inspections every week, and using ProntoForms Analytics, the company has been able to summarize the collected field data as a series of visually rich dashboards: Operations Analysis, Quality of Service, Customer Satisfaction, Wet Work Projects, Field Team Coordination, Equipment/Supplies, and Fixed Inventory.

"The Analytics tool is a competitive advantage, helping us become a top performer in the industry. Our customers certainly appreciate our proactive, A level service."

"These dashboards provide the information and analysis we need to make credible, data-driven recommendations for operational process improvements, which are recognizable by our clients, and our clients' customers," says Agan.

For instance, the solution sends automated daily reports to senior leaders and managers in every division for Locations Not Visited and Scheduled Project Status, as well as External Customer Satisfaction and Internal Quality Assurance scores.

"The business intelligence we now review daily helps us identify potential issues before they become real problems," says Agan. "We have a policy that every customer location must be visited by our leaders at least once every two weeks, with the goal being once a week. The Analytics tool helps us build a schedule so the teams are visiting the right locations at the right time, and addressing opportunities that have been identified."

The Quality Assurance team at The Matworks spot checks stores at random to measure overall service quality and maintain our drive to build a culture of continuous improvement.

"We have an internal target of 95% compliance in all categories so when the dashboard shows an 80% score for a certain manager, location, category, or an account we know we have to take action," Agan says.


The mobile solution has allowed The Matworks to significantly improve its service quality, improve transparency, and raise its customer satisfaction scores. Inspections have been enhanced as field workers can easily include site photos and detailed notes in their reports. Follow-ups to customer visits are automatically scheduled, and all collected information is GPS tracked and dated - a crucial feature from a liability perspective.

The improving customer satisfaction rates are gauged via mobile questionnaires that client representatives fill out on site, using the same iPads that were used to perform the inspection. The company is able to swiftly react to any customer satisfaction and service quality opportunities due to the rapid reporting capabilities and insightful dashboards offered by ProntoForms.

"According to one estimate we have seen a 75% reduction in customers calling us for overdue service or to re-do a cleaning job. When you calculate the value of their saved labor, travel time, and cleaning supplies, the solution pays for itself multiple times over."

The solution also allows customers to get a closer look into the company's operations. Clients can easily see when and where a service was provided, review due dates for future services, and confirm scheduled delivery dates for additional supplies.

"This improved visibility has turned into a business differentiator for The Matworks as customers often feel like we are business partners in a mutually beneficial relationship that is positively impacting the environment for both their internal staff members and external customers; ProntoForms has helped us enhance our service delivery," says Agan.


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