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What is Prontoforms
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PG&E Goes Mobile To Streamline Operations & Mitigate Risk

Leading enterprises stay on top because they actively search for ways to improve business processes.

Organizations spanning an array of industries are benefiting from the lucrative opportunities of today's mobile technology. ProntoForms has been adopted by energy leaders because the solution empowers them to elevate productivity, reduce costs, offer the highest quality of service and achieve optimal compliance.

This Q&A webinar gives utilities providers a look at how one of the United States' largest utilities enterprises has leveraged ProntoForms to reap substantial business gains. It featured Khaled Fustok, Senior Manager at the Pacific Gas and Electric Company, who shared with us:
  • The business and operation processes that ProntoForms has improved
  • How ProntoForms stood out from other technological solutions
  • The experience of adopting the premier mobile forms solution
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