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Equip Geotab-powered technicians with smart mobile forms

  • Integrate field data with your fleet management, field service management, safety management and analytics platforms
  • Easily deploy custom apps with just a few clicks
  • First-class technical and professional support
  • Seamless onboarding with user-friendly UX design
  • Rated 4.7/5 in Garter Peer Insights Voice of the Customer Report

Geotab powers the vehicle.
ProntoForms powers the field.

Nothing manages your fleet better than Geotab – but getting to and from the job site is just the beginning. From the moment your driver steps out of their vehicle, ProntoForms becomes the go-to tool to collect better data and fuel better decisions.

ProntoForms extends Geotab and existing field service, asset management, and back-end systems with fast, easy and robust field data collection that syncs automatically between apps.

Drive efficiencies shot

Drive efficiencies with a field-focused LCAP

Rapidly create interconnected custom applications, with no coding required, thanks to ProntoForms’ low-code application platform.

Drive efficiencies shot

Improve productivity, accuracy and completeness of field work

Improve the speed, quality, and flexibility of task execution in the field with configurable smart mobile apps.

Drive efficiencies shot

Accelerate follow-up actions to field work and service delivery

Rapidly execute invoicing after field service, shipping after orders, corrective actions after inspections, customer feedback forms and more.

Deep Geotab & ProntoForms integration

Access and update your records from the ProntoForms app
Sample Mobile form for enterprise asset management systems

Seamless integration

Launch ProntoForms directly from the Geotab Drive app, and pre-populate ProntoForms mobile forms with Geotab data

Richer (and better) data

Easily capture rich data: photos, sketches, audio, GPS/Time stamps, and more, all while speeding up data collection and preventing human error

Smart, dynamic forms

Conditional logic guides users through complex processes, tailoring questions and data based on user inputs or job conditions

Works offline

With full functionality offline, the app automatically syncs when online again

No code required!

Use a single, low-code platform to develop apps for a full scope of field tasks

Mobile forms let you hit the ground running

Build apps covering virtually every industry and business process you can imagine, flexible enough to be tweaked as needed.

Work orders

Inspections, installations, and maintenance

Safety checklists


Forms for any industry (construction, energy resources, utilities...)

"ProntoForms has saved [200] drivers three minutes per service call - or 750 hours every month."

Jody Smith
Fleet Operations Manager

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