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Microsoft OneDrive Integration

Microsoft OneDrive is a cloud storage service that enables users to share and synchronize their files. OneDrive also works as the storage back-end of the web version of Microsoft Office.

OneDrive and SharePoint Document Library have a lot in common, as both are file management systems. However, OneDrive is lighter because it doesn't have SharePoint's advanced collaboration and project management features.

ProntoForms offers two options for OneDrive connections: OneDrive and OneDrive for Business. You can use OneDrive as both Data Sources and as Data Destinations.

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OneDrive data sources

The Microsoft OneDrive Data Source retrieves structured data from a file in Microsoft OneDrive. The data can be used to populate a list of options in dropdown or radio button questions in forms. ProntoForms' Data Source functionality will fetch the latest data from the file in OneDrive during a specified interval.

Updates to data can be made by a business user using Excel. The user performing these updates does not need to access the ProntoForms system. The data flows seamlessly from the file in OneDrive to the ProntoForms mobile app on end users' devices.

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OneDrive data destinations

The Microsoft OneDrive data destination sends submitted forms to a folder structure in a Microsoft OneDrive account.

ProntoForms allows you to create custom file and folder names using its powerful DREL feature based on data in the form to organize and manage files logically.

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Workflow example with Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive is particularly suitable for a small group of users or SMEs as it comes with all Office 365 editions. Since these companies may already have data in Excel, Word, or other office document formats, hosting them on OneDrive makes them instantly available on the Cloud. From there, it's easy to connect them with ProntoForms as a dynamic data source instead of manually uploading them whenever something changes in the document. You can also use OneDrive to store form submissions to share with multiple users or customers.

Starting with OneDrive is easier if you are already using it. As your use case and workgroup expands, you can later easily adapt your implementation to use a SharePoint Library instead.

Connect to OneDrive

In the ProntoForms portal, the admin needs to create a Microsoft 365 Connection. This connection establishes an industry-standard OAuth2 link to a Microsoft 365 account, allowing ProntoForms to access data stored in OneDrive and SharePoint. ProntoForms never gains access to the Microsoft 365 credentials and always maintains encrypted communications.

The ProntoForms admin can specify which FormSpaces/users within ProntoForms will be able to use a connection, ensuring an additional level of access control and security.

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Microsoft key benefits packshot

Create a OneDrive Data Source

The admin creates a OneDrive Data Source and uses the previously created Microsoft 365 connection to OneDrive.

They set the file path for an Excel/CSV/XML or JSON file and the auto-fetch frequency.

ProntoForms will read the file and use the first row of data as the list/field names and the subsequent rows as list items/records.

Capture Data in the Field

A citizen developer can then design a form that uses the list to populate data in a dropdown or radio button type question. They can also push data to other questions based on the selected list item.

In the field, when the field worker opens the relevant form in the ProntoForms mobile app, it pre-populates the forms with data from the OneDrive file. This enables faster data entry and reduces errors.

Once the technician is finished, they submit the form which gets sent over to ProntoForms Cloud.

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Microsoft key benefits packshot

Send Form Submissions to a OneDrive Data Destination

A OneDrive Data Destination can be used to save the form submission as a PDF, Word, or Excel document. Other resources used by the forms, such as camera images, sketches, audio recordings, etc., can also be saved as attachments for longer-term storage, reporting, or compliance purposes.

ProntoForms' DREL feature can be used to create dynamic paths out of form answers and other metadata. This helps the operations team efficiently organize form submissions and any relevant attachments.

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