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Microsoft SharePoint List Integration

A SharePoint list is a collection of structured data, essentially like a table, a spreadsheet, or a simple database. It can include many different types of information, including text, number, choice (e.g., buttons), Boolean (yes/no answers or checkboxes), currency, calculated columns, etc.

This makes SharePoint Lists particularly useful and convenient. Given the tabular nature of both the form's question and answer formats and SharePoint Lists, customers are able to map their data to their SharePoint List(s) or vice versa without having to translate it.

With ProntoForms, you can use SharePoint Lists as both Data Sources and Data Destinations.

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SharePoint List data sources

This connector retrieves data from a SharePoint list in a Microsoft 365 account. This data can then be used to populate a list of options in dropdown or radio button questions. A business user can maintain a data set like a table or product information within Microsoft 365 and have updates automatically appear in ProntoForms.

The Data Source automatically fetches data during a specified interval. Changes flow through to the ProntoForms apps, minimizing or eliminating the need to access the ProntoForms web portal.

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SharePoint List data destinations

The Microsoft SharePoint List Data Destination creates or updates rows in a SharePoint list based on data in a form submission.

This destination allows you to map selected data from ProntoForms into specific columns in a SharePoint list, determine whether to create new list items or update existing items, set filters to ignore submissions based on their data or their state, etc.

You can also send repeat sections and data to multiple lists at once. This allows for variability in the field; for example, a repeat section allows the technician to enter a large amount of repeat data quickly. The Data Destination also supports SharePoint's parent-child relations and the flexibility to ensure data persistence is maintained.

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Workflow example with SharePoint List

There are various ways SharePoint Lists can be utilized in ProntoForms. They can be combined with other Data Sources and Data Destinations such as a SharePoint Document Library to ease data collection, processing, and analysis not just within Microsoft's ecosystem but with other systems of record and system of engagement solutions.

Here's an example of a use case that shows a simple asset inspection workflow that uses SharePoint List as a Data Destination:

Create a SharePoint List

First, the citizen developer creates a SharePoint List and the column data types in SharePoint within their Office 365 user interface.

The list can then be populated with details for the inspection, such as work order information, technician assignee, site, and equipment details, among others.

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Create a SharePoint List and a SharePoint Document Library Data Destination

Using ProntoForms, an admin creates a SharePoint List and a SharePoint Document Library Data Destination.

They set the list path and map questions in the form to the desired columns in the SharePoint list. The form can send any data or format to it using ProntoForms' built-in DREL language.

For the SharePoint Document Library, a folder path is set to hold copies of the form outputs such as photos and sketches.

Capture Data in the Field and Automatically Send it to SharePoint

A citizen developer can then design a form that uses the list to populate data on a dropdown or radio button-type question. They can also push data to other questions based on the selected list item.

In the field, when the field worker opens the relevant form on the ProntoForms mobile app, it pre-populates the forms with data from the SharePoint List. This enables faster data entry and reduces errors.

Once the technician is finished, they submit the form to the ProntoForms Cloud, where the data destinations take care of processing the data and integrating it with the SharePoint services.

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Microsoft key benefits packshot

Use the Form Data for Analytics and Storage

Upon form submissions, items on the selected SharePoint List(s) are created or updated depending on if the items already exist. The list can then be used to power analytics and dashboards through Power BI or other third-party analytics solutions.

SharePoint Document Library is used to save the form submission as a PDF, Word, or Excel document, and any associated attachments such as camera images, sketches, audio recordings, etc., for longer-term storage, reporting, or compliance purposes.

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