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Microsoft Word Integration

Millions of users use Microsoft Word as their go-to word processor for composing reports, datasheets, technical documents, and more. Many people often choose Word instead of, or in addition to other document formats such as PDF because it can be easily edited.

ProntoForms provides the option to automatically generate a report document in Word format for every form submission. It's an excellent option for generating service reports for customers, for your organization's internal use, or both.

Using ProntoForms, an admin can create a Word template from the Documents menu. The document template can then be associated with any form and a Data Destination, enabling real-time delivery of Word documents to cloud storage systems like SharePoint and OneDrive, email messages, and more. You control what content collected in the form is included in the document, such as text answers, metadata, and visual attachments such as photos, sketches, and signatures.

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Standard Word Template

The Standard Word Template comes built-in with ProntoForms. While this template has a fixed layout, it allows the admin to configure various elements of the document's layout and appearance.

For example, the admin can change the Global Settings such as paper size, font, page breaks, and file properties. Under the Layout option, header, title, submission details, body, and footer sections can be customized. Appearance options such as company logo, page and section headings, repeat sections, etc., can also be customized. Finally, answer format, exceptions, and image-based attachments can be configured.

By default, ProntoForms will export everything collected in the form to the Word document. Configuring a document output that is exhaustive is no effort.

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Self-serve Custom Word Outputs

Our custom template options give administrators complete control over the document's look and feel. A built-in Custom Document Editor allows them to design a document using 1 of 2 templating languages, Handlebars or Freemarker, to output CSS and HTML that is converted to Word format. The templating languages support conditional statements, loops, and other simple but powerful options.

ProntoForms' DREL expressions can also be used to create the document. If DREL is chosen, a visual editor can be used to build the document in WYSIWYG mode.

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Custom Word Templates by ProntoForms Implementation Services

Our document experts in ProntoForms' Implementation Services team can offer their services to create custom templates for specialized purposes.

Customers can choose this option if they have precise formatting requirements for compliance or regulatory purposes.

While the custom Word feature allows a customer to exert more formatting control over their document output, they might not have the resources, expertise, time, or otherwise may not want to take on creating and maintaining the documents themselves. For these customers, ProntoForms Implementation Services might be the best option.

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Workflow with Microsoft Word Document

Word Document is useful for inspection reports, invoices, customer feedback, and other use cases where manual edits might be needed after the initial generation by ProntoForms. Here's an example of a use case that shows a simple parts order and invoicing workflow that uses Word Document as one of the form's outputs:

Create a Word Document

The admin first needs to create a Document using ProntoForms portal by choosing Microsoft Word from the Visual and Printable Documents category.

They can set up a dynamic file name using ProntoForms' DREL expressions. Question filtering, such as which questions, sections, or pages are to be included in the document can also be configured.

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Choose a Template

The admin can decide to use the Standard template or create a document from scratch using the Custom option.

The Standard template has a fixed layout, but allows the admin to configure various elements of the document's layout and appearance.

Custom templates, on the other hand, give the admin complete control over the document. They can design a fully customized document using built-in DREL, Handlebars, and Freemarker editors.

Use the Template with a Data Destination

Finally, the admin needs to attach the Word document to a form. The admin opens a form to be used to create a Word output. They can easily do that from the form's DESTINATIONS tab.

Once the document is attached to the form, it can be used as an option with any Destination that supports a document output, such as Email, OneDrive, SharePoint Document Library, etc.

The document can also be viewed or edited in Microsoft Word.

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