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Connect mobile form data to MS Office 365

ProntoForms offers out-of-the-box connectivity with Office 365, Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint, each offering unique advantages to the teams that use them.

Supported formats
Data source:Excel, CSV, JSON, XML
Data destination:PDF, Word Doc, JSON, XML, HTML

Data Destination
Mobile form data collected in the field with ProntoForms can be submitted and routed to a Microsoft Office 365, OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint, and Microsoft Sites Custom Lists. Data can be shared with a team, with clients, or kept private. ProntoForms can optionally route data to an existing folder, or a new folder can be dynamically created based on data submitted. With Microsoft Sites Custom Lists, data sets can also be updated when forms are submitted from the field to ensure office information is always up to date. (E.g. a field technician can update corporate records in real time when a customer's address or phone number has changed.)

Data Source
ProntoForms can be linked to a Microsoft account as a Data Source. Data hosted in MS OneDrive, MS OneDrive for Business, and Microsoft Sites Custom List/SharePoint Online List (such as price lists, parts lists, customer contact info, etc.) becomes available for input in mobile forms on the ProntoForms App.
Support Resources (english only)
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