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Telus and ProntoForms
Out-of-the-box integration

  • Embed TELUS StorageCloud master data in mobile forms
  • Dynamically route form data to custom-named folders in TELUS StorageCloud
  • Automate document filing and tagging to facilitate retrieval
  • Fast and easy no-coding deployment

Advanced content management with TELUS StorageCloud

Advanced content managementAdvanced content management, part 1Advanced content management, part 2

Deep integration helps field teams be more efficient

Use data from TELUS StorageCloud in forms
Auto-populate data fields with master data stored in TELUS StorageCloud; customer lists, asset & part numbers, project and site information, using CSV, XML, JSON or Excel

Link Cloud-based reference manuals into form help
Link training documents, videos, sketches and reference manuals to the ProntoForms help button

Store and manage collected data in TELUS StorageCloud
Automatically store and manage content submitted to the Cloud; documents, multimedia, and custom files

Share form metadata with TELUS StorageCloud
Dynamically name and tag documents and attachments based on form data; dynamically sort form documents into StorageCloud folders; create and manage metadata fields to enable fast data searching and retrieval.

Create powerful, TELUS StorageCloud-integrated workflows

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