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What is Prontoforms
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Extend your safety management software with smart mobile forms

Full app & cloud integration > Move to a 100% digital EHS workflow
Easy-to-use mobile-first app > Guide field workers through complex inspections
Improve asset records > More dynamic detail, easy custom creation & distribution
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Two-way integration
Mobile data collection
Capture rich, accurate, and detailed safety data using mobile devices; with full cloud & app integration.
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Records management
Records management
Automatically integrate safety records into EHS solutions. Build custom documents to meet regulatory requirements.
Workflow automation
Establish emergency response, incident investigation/escalation communication policies, procedures and workflows.
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Simplify your EHS operations with a mobile workplace safety solution


Add agility to safety management

Enable safety inspectors and field workers to reliably monitor, identify, remediate, document, and report workplace safety hazards using mobile safety automation technology. Smart forms dynamically hide/show questions based on previous inputs, prompt users for additional information as required with color-coding and notifications, display appropriate support documentation, and more.
  • Enforce consistent safety procedures using version controls for mobile forms
  • Easily capture rich media: photos, sketches, GPS/Time stamps, audio
  • Pre-populate existing EHS data into forms to save time in the field
  • Edit hundreds of safety forms in bulk using enterprise-grade administration tools
  • Rapidly and easily develop custom EHS forms to accommodate unique compliance requirements
  • Trigger real-time SMS notifications to a safety supervisor when an inspection results in a 'fail' rating

Leverage your safety records to reduce risk

Use your historical incident and hazard reports to analyze and determine what training materials and content should be distributed to change high-risk behaviors and educate your workers.
  • Schedule and score safety inspections
  • Publish safety training content directly to workers' mobile devices
  • Build workflows & forms that ensure all inspections are performed correctly and on time
  • Simplify auditing processes with cloud access to all safety reports
  • Get up-to-date safety compliance scores in interactive dashboards
Challenges workflow
Challenges work records

Improve compliance with custom forms & document outputs

Use fully customized forms for regulatory, environmental, health, safety and quality processes and quickly build the documents and reports you need for compliance reporting. Attach compliance reports to maintenance, equipment, or service records in your EHS system.
  • Simplify compliance reporting for all EHS and quality processes
  • Automatically distribute your safety records in multiple formats (JSON/XML/HTML)
  • Re-use document templates for different safety inspection forms, reducing repetitive work
  • Populate multiple custom docs (PDF, Word...) with each submission
  • Collate subsets of safety data into custom reports and distribute to all stakeholders

Build sophisticated CAPA plans with integrated analytics

Enterprise-grade analytics tools can analyze aggregated safety data and automatically create dashboards, schedule the distribution of custom reports, and help you build Corrective Action/Preventative Action (CAPA) plans. Use ProntoForms to ensure:
  • Employees are working safely
  • Work environments are clear of hazards
  • Incidents are documented and reported
  • Corrective actions are implemented with active management oversight
  • Prevention initiatives are prioritized based on historical facts
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Integrate ProntoForms with your safety system of record

"Using mobile forms allowed us to eliminate 7 days worth of transmitting information to a real-time notification system."

Dan Enachioaie, Software Engineer

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