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A fully integrated enterprise-grade COVID solution in 6 weeks or less

Keep technicians and employees safe, track compliance, and collect ePHI securely.
[ week 1 ]
Feature #1

Define goals, identify stake holders, and manage governance

Proper planning lays the foundation for a speedy and efficient implementation. In this stage, you will consider such questions as:

  • What EHS requirements are required for your industry, region, or use cases? Do the requirements differ across offices?
  • What are the organization's internal regulations? Will these requirements need to be iterated often? (Ex. Company PPE requirements.)
  • To what level can you enforce a daily self-assessment form? Are the forms required daily before arriving to work? Upon arriving to the site?
  • Will this solution require an analytics solution? Who will be building it—ProntoForms or your app builders?
  • Which stakeholders are needed to see this project from conception to completion?
  • What is your overall budget for this project?

At ProntoForms we use the RACI methodology to manage risk and determine project governance and will work together with you to establish overall project guardrails. You're in good hands—we have kept thousands of deployments in budget and on time.

Implementation crossroads
Once goals and limitations are established, if you've determined that you're looking for a simple solution that deploys fast, check out our pre-built COVID forms. If you need enterprise-level customization or support, continue on the journey.

[ week 2 ]
Feature #2

Determine user experience, consider data privacy, and explore features

[ week 2 ]
Feature #3

Define roles and establish cadence with ProntoForms counterparts

[ week 2-3 ]
Feature #4

Build out solution with our prebuilt process map and demo to stakeholders

[ week 2-4 ]
Feature #5

Determine data access and confirm security/encryption protections

[ week 3-4 ]
Feature #6

Decide on, build out, and control access to an analytics solution

[ week 4-5 ]
Feature #7

Communicate to employees, roll-out in stages, and collect feedback

[ week 5-6 ]
Feature #8

Implement any feedback and consider data disposition

Challenges work records
4 low-code apps
"By 2024, three-quarters of large enterprises will be using at least four low-code development tools for both IT application development and citizen development initiatives."
Need a strategy to empower your field teams but still be connected to your systems of record?
Our field-focused platform is recognized in the 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise LCAP.
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Industries Testimonial packshot
"Once the pilot testing was successful and we'd gathered feedback, we deployed to the whole of North America within six months."
Yamina Hibbard, Global Asset Manager


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