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Reliable, scalable, cloud-based tools for mobile solutions

  • Supports deep integrations with back office services
  • Make deployment of complex workflows intuitive and entirely customizable

ProntoForms Cloud Functionality

Form Builder
The form builder is a "no-code" tool for creating and configuring forms, and can be used by business users and developers alike.

Workflow Builder
The workflow builder is a no-code tool that connects a form to data sources, data destinations, document and data file templates, user groups and form images. It includes the "Form Diagram", a visual representation of a form's relationship to the objects described above.

Data Source Architecture
Our data source architecture connects formspaces to business data in remote cloud or enterprise systems. Data can be acquired via manual web file upload, scheduled retrieval from business systems and cloud services, and REST API requests. Data sources are permission-controlled, and can be partitioned to minimize mobile data usage. A single form can be connected to multiple data sources, and to multiple types of sources. A data source can be used on multiple forms.

Document Generator and Document Management
Data generated by the forms can be translated into custom formatted documents and delivered to the appropriate Data Destination (e.g. create and store a formatted PDF in a dynamically created and named folder in Box). We recommend all custom document implementations go through our Pro Services group to ensure quality control.
Data Destination Architecture and Workflows
The data destination architecture connects formspaces to remote systems that receive data from form submissions. Out-of-the-box, point-and-click configurable data destinations can be set up by a business user via field mapping to the remote service, or through upload of a ProntoForms-generated business document or data file, or both.
ProntoForms supports: HTTPS web hooks; SFTP; AWS; Salesforce; SharePoint; Office 365; Google G Suite; Box; QuickBooks Online, and more.

Dispatch destinations
Assign a task to a user, based on form submissions. Administrators can control which data is dispatched forward, and to which form(s). Rules that control whether destinations execute or not for a given form submission, enable powerful and flexible workflows for approvals

Public REST APIs
ProntoForms provides REST APIs to enable data retrieval operations, form dispatching, and user management.
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Secure and Reliable Infrastructure
ProntoForms runs on the Amazon Web Services platform in a fault-tolerant, scalable and geographically redundant configuration. We have consistently maintained service availability more than 99.9%. ProntoForms follows the industry's best practices for security, is a member of the Cloud Security Alliance, and solicits 3rd party security reviews on a bi-annual basis.

Identity Management

The Portal's built-in permissions allow individual and team management to control access to administrative power and data, facilitating testing, staged rollouts, and easy scaling as a team grows.
User Management and Permissions
The ProntoForms platform provides three user roles:
  • Administrator - full scope of functionality on mobile, portal and integration connections
  • User - mobile and portal functionality limited to the user's data submission and privileges configured by admin
  • Mobile-Only User - can only access ProntoForms from mobile device to receive dispatched forms and submit forms
ProntoForms Identity Management Tools
Add new users, departments, business processes, and 3rd party users. ProntoForms formspaces is a key and unique construct to:
  • Segregate the needs of different business units, regions, functions, processes
  • Extend the power of ProntoForms to 3rd party suppliers, sub-contractors, and your own customers
  • Configure contextual solutions, e.g. leveraging different data sources, generating custom reports, depending on answers in a form
Formspace Permissions
Extend or limit the User Permissions within a contained scope, to allow:
  • "Can Submit" - see and use "active" forms in the formspace
  • "Can Test"- see and use "draft" versions of forms being created
  • "Can View" - view any form submissions made against forms in the formspace
  • "Can View" - view any form submissions made against forms in the formspace

Advanced Analytics

The ProntoForms analytics offering includes an integrated (OEM) Analytics Engine from Birst that seamlessly manages updates and changes in the data mart. ProntoForms offers packaged reports that accelerate sophisticated analytics around KPIs, Performance Management, and other dashboards. Customers have full access to the Business Intelligence report authoring and dashboard deployment tools. External data can be mashed into these dashboards to track trending against SLA or compliance objectives.
  • Extract, Transform and Load Utility with prebuilt connectors to systems and databases.
  • Data Warehouse (Star Schema) modelling engine with full GUI interface.
  • Report authoring and visualization engine (Designer and Visualizer).
  • Dashboard design and deployment utility (Dashboards 2.0)

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