Business mobile Apps must have API capabilities

IT professional thinkingThe explosion of available mobile business Apps are revolutionizing the processes of enterprises and SMBs everywhere. As more and more businesses turn to mobile applications to assist workers on the go, CIOs and company owners must assess just how best to integrate mobile solutions within existing infrastructures.

One such integration capability is an application programming interface (API), an interface by software components that facilitates communication. An API can be a factor in data structures and other software and infrastructure variables.

With API capabilities, a mobile business solution can truly be a core part of an enterprise’s technology plans. By fully integrating a mobile App through an API, businesses can schedule and automate various tasks, helping to save on time, resources and reporting.

The right mobile application for business purposes should indeed have API capabilities. Without such high level integration functionality, a given mobile application is never truly a part of an enterprise’s IT structure. In some cases, supplemental builds or other fixes would have to be implemented in order to make a non-API capable mobile App fully successful in a business environment.

So if you’re looking for a new business mobile application to better collect, access and communicate data in the field, ask business App vendors about whether or not they can offer an API with their product.

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Mats Lindeberg, on Friday, August 10, 2012
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