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Customer Satisfaction

Your business has benchmarks and goals. But it can be difficult to measure how you’re trending against these objectives. It’s simple to measure whether you’ve cut costs or improved the bottom line, as these metrics are quantifiable. Gauging customer satisfaction is less straight forward. It’s an experience, which can be difficult to quantify. But it’s still an important metric. Optimum customer satisfaction is critical to garnering repeat business, reducing churn, and maintaining a strong brand reputation. So, how do you take a subjective experience and translate it into a simple, easy-to-digest, yet detailed format? More importantly, how do you make use of this data to enhance customer satisfaction?

Mobile surveys effectively communicate the customer experience

Satisfaction surveys are a tried-and-true method for revealing a customer’s experience with your organization and services.

A top-tier mobile forms solution can generate surveys that are both detailed and simple to fill out. With ProntoForms, your customers can select answers to questions using buttons and drop-down menus. For a question like “How would you rate the professionalism of our field team?” a customer can select answers such as “Excellent,” “Good,” “Average,” or “Needs Improvement.” Buttons can be custom color-coded, expressing the customer experience in a rich visual form. ProntoForms also calculates averages and scores based on selected answers, providing a final total satisfaction score.

One of our clients, a facilities maintenance company, provides cleaning services for a number of retail stores every week. The company measures customer satisfaction via ProntoForms surveys, which are attached to the bottom of inspection forms. Store managers are asked to rate and comment on the effectiveness of field teams in such areas as professionalism and service quality.

Satisfaction surveys don’t have to be conducted on site. Whenever an invoice is emailed to a customer, a link to a survey can be included at the bottom.

Sleek designs and ease of completion aren’t the only perks of using mobile over paper surveys. Collected data means nothing if it is never acted upon. Customer satisfaction can stagnate – or even slump – if paper surveys are kept locked away in a filing cabinet. Leading mobile forms solutions like ProntoForms offer sophisticated analytics to help pull actionable insights from collected data, empowering organizations to meet and exceed business goals. Data is aggregated and presented into visually appealing dashboards and reports that can be shared with key stakeholders. Analytics identifies trends in customer satisfaction ratings and tracks them over time and by geographic region. This data can be harnessed to assess why certain regions are underperforming and why others are thriving.

Gauge satisfaction by monitoring whether you’re meeting customer expectations

Soliciting feedback is the most obvious way to gauge overall customer satisfaction. The experience is communicated explicitly, leaving no question as to which service areas are flourishing and which are foundering. But there are also indirect methods for determining customer satisfaction through monitoring your quality of service.

Another one of our clients, a facilities management contractor, determines customer satisfaction by measuring how well the organization is meeting service level agreements, achieving compliance targets, and keeping the number of unplanned site visits to a minimum. These three metrics are used as a proxy for determining customer satisfaction. If this company is reaching these goals, it is reasonably assumed that customers are satisfied with the provided services.

Digital reports can even be emailed to customers upon request, so they can see for themselves that quality of service expectations are being met.

Mobile solutions directly aid customer satisfaction

Sophisticated mobile forms solutions not only help gauge customer satisfaction; they directly aid it via substantially boosting productivity.

Field workers don’t have to make constant trips to the office to pick up and submit work orders and other forms. Mobile forms are dispatched instantly to users’ devices. After a field worker completes a form, it is instantly submitted to the office’s back-end system. Eliminating sluggish manual processes means that field teams can visit more customers every day and complete more jobs.

The customer billing cycle is accelerated as billing departments no longer have to manually convert work orders into invoices. A mobile work order can be automatically processed into an invoice and dispatched to the customer via email.

Mobile solutions help ensure that your customers are not kept waiting.

Organizations spanning an array of industries have adopted ProntoForms as a critical tool to help enhance customer satisfaction. See how the leading mobile forms solution can help your organization reach – and exceed – this objective and others.

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Colin Johnstone, on Thursday, January 14, 2016
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