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ProntoForms Analytics
There are transformative insights hidden within the layers of field data your teams have collected, but you need to act quickly or the data will be outdated. Best practices of data-driven operations call for those insights to be quickly identified and acted on.

ProntoForms Analytics is a feature-rich, scalable cloud infrastructure that quickly aggregates and presents field data into powerful dashboards and reports. Managers can uncover business trends, patterns, and insights that allow them to improve operational productivity, service quality, and service level agreement (SLA) compliance performance.

Track and optimize field productivity

Managers looking to drive and monitor field data collection efficiency can interact with visually rich maps and graphs that identify productivity trends. The interactive map allows managers to view the number of form submissions by spatial location on a local, regional, national, and international scale, providing them multiple perspectives on their operations.

These operational depictions spill over into graphic displays of forms submitted over time, contrasting individual or team form submission counts against quarterly or annual averages. Using those averages, managers can predict whether they’ll meet data collection quotas.

For example, let’s look at PG&E. The insights obtained from viewing just one dashboard allowed the company to track the status of their meter inspections by region. Having this visibility gives their managers confidence that compliance inspections will be performed on time. Not only that, PG&E was also able to drastically improve productivity and save $1.5 million in inspection costs. (Listen to the PG&E webinar to learn more.)

Bolster customer service quality and satisfaction

Managers can transform their service quality using data-driven interactive tables, bubble charts, and bar graphs. Detailed reports can visualize service quality trends sorted by customer size, importance, or service priority. Those trends can be compared against benchmarks, making it easy for managers to confirm whether they’re on target or if they need to take steps to get back on track. When new strategies are put in place to change field team behavior, managers can watch their metrics improve as the impact of those strategies takes effect.

Managers can also use Analytics to quickly identify the cause(s) of unplanned events, and take proactive measures to improve maintenance procedures – preventing the need for costly emergency measures. One ProntoForms customer indicated they saw customer service quality and satisfaction rates rise while the rate of unplanned events plummited.

One of the global leaders in the elevator and escalator industry uses ProntoForms Analytics to minimize unplanned repairs and service calls. The company uses the trends identified in their field data to improve the quality and accuracy of their inspections – and lower the number of emergency or unscheduled repair work orders.

ProntoForms Analytics

Elevate SLA compliance

ProntoForms Analytics gives managers the ability to quickly and easily drill deep into the company’s SLA compliance data and compare the team’s performance against established targets. Being able to harness and interact with this data lets them:

  • Ensure complete auditability for regulatory reporting purposes;
  • Make sure field teams’ priorities are coordinated and focused by distributing regular alerts and reports to them;
  • Identify where compliance failures occur and take steps to correct them; and
  • Implement ‘continuous improvement programs’ to drive up compliance levels.

ProntoForms Analytics helped Diversified Maintenance raise their compliance by 15% on a monthly basis. Here’s how we helped them:


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