Transform fleet operations – with ProntoForms and Fleet Complete


Transportation companies face a number of operational challenges on a daily basis. In order to meet Service Level Agreements (SLAs), they have to consistently provide on-time delivery of goods and/or services. Maintaining a strong cash flow means they must implement an efficient estimate and quotation process along with fast and accurate invoicing. Trucks and drivers have to comply with a number of safety and road regulations, and dispatchers have to work diligently to continuously optimize routes and reduce fuel costs. The list goes on.

If you’re trying to track key operational data using manual processes like pen and paper, you’re bound to face low productivity, incur high labour costs, and possibly face penalties due to non-compliance.

Manual processes also provide little visibility into the performance of your field teams, making it difficult to determine how your teams are performing. Your corporate image also risks being seen as outdated, cumbersome, and low?tech.

Transform your fleet processes

Our partnership with Fleet Complete combines ProntoForms mobile workflow capabilities with Fleet Complete’s portfolio of mission critical fleet, asset, and mobile workforce management software. These two leading solutions empowers transportation companies to completely transform their fleet and field service operations.

On a high level, you can think of the partnership in “inside and outside the truck” terms. Fleet Complete handles the scenarios where the driver is in the truck – Hours of Service (HoS) tracking, fuel consumption, driver behavior, real-time GPS location, route optimization, etc. ProntoForms handles the tasks the drivers face when they step out of the truck – such as timesheets, invoices, estimates, vehicle inspections, and trip reports.

The benefits of managing all your fleet and mobile workforce tasks using cloud services and mobile devices are numerous – improved efficiency, lower costs, increased visibility, better accuracy, and more.

Interwork and share data between ProntoForms and Fleet Complete


ProntoForms and Fleet Complete allow you to interwork and share data via a set of open APIs. This presents a number of advantages and opportunities. For example, a sensor on a backhoe feeds data to Fleet Complete. A hydraulics failure is detected, and the data is passed along to ProntoForms. From there, a repair form is dispatched to the nearest field worker. This workflow enables you to boost asset uptime and fix issues before they become permanent.

Analytics drives more informed business decisions

Once you start storing field data in the cloud, it’s easy to get better insights into your business performance. Analytics tools present all your collected data into a series of visually-rich dashboards and reports, allowing you to uncover patterns and statistically meaningful correlations.

This greater insight into your operations empowers you to drive continuous improvement across all departments and business areas. You can analyze your historical data to determine the effectiveness of your business processes, workflows, and quality of work, and then take the actions necessary to optimize them. Fleet management professionals can find out which drivers are regularly meeting compliance standards and which are not. You can identify top performers to help establish best practices and recognize individual employees for their contributions.

Case studies

AAA Carolinas, one of the largest and fastest growing AAA clubs, has leveraged ProntoForms to decrease the amount of time a driver spends on location with a member, resulting in faster response times and the ability to get to the next call quicker. The mobile solution is saving drivers three minutes per service call – or 750 hours every month.

B&P Enterprises, a provider of disaster response services, turned to AT&T Fleet Complete to efficiently accommodate their changing priorities and manage their fast-growing team. Fleet Complete proved to be a cost-effective IoT solution that eliminates inefficiencies in business operations and keeps track of high-value assets and vehicles.

About Fleet Complete

For more than 15 years, Toronto-based Fleet Complete has been providing dispatching, fleet tracking, and mobile resource management solutions to over 5,000 companies worldwide. Fleet Complete is one of the fastest growing companies in North America and has won numerous awards for innovation and growth since its inception in 2000.

Learn more about how to transform your fleet operations – from ProntoForms’ reseller AT&T Mobile Forms.

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