Unlock Your Field Service Potential with Regex-Driven Logic

We have exciting news to share! We’re enhancing our best-in-class logic feature by incorporating Regular Expressions (Regex) Matching into our solution.

Solving Complex Challenges

Our rules use comparisons to decide when to take action. You can use AND/OR statements to create complex rules for your field users. This makes their tasks more accessible and more efficient.

Regex: Your Power Tool for Conditional Logic

We added regex matching to our Conditional Logic operators and conditions based on the feedback we received to improve our system. This includes:

  • Starts With/Ends With
  • Wildcard matches
  • Case-sensitive matching

This ensures an accurate representation of information in the text field used by field engineers.

Simplifying Workflow Building with Regex

This feature will significantly benefit citizen developers and workflow builders. You don’t have to struggle with managing multiple conditional logic statements, string concatenation, or routing capabilities. Instead, with Regex, creating complex conditional logic is now much more straightforward, which means a cleaner and more efficient workflow. 

Enhanced Workflows, Enhanced Results

Regex-Driven Logic will also benefit field engineers, who can experience better device performance through workflows with fewer conditional logic rules. Regex also improves their in-field experience, allowing them to work faster and more effectively. By doing this, they can focus on delivering exceptional service and exceeding your customers’ expectations.

Practical Example: Unleashing the Potential of Asset Information

Appliance serial numbers can encode the month and year of manufacture. This can simplify your conditional logic. An engineer can figure out the month and model of an appliance by scanning its barcode and using regex matching to find out the most common points of failure (if tracked in the data source) and the appropriate manuals for the model in front of them, and display them using resource documents.

Conclusion: Discover the Power of Regex 

Context is critical in field service, and this improvement to conditional logic will aid you in getting that context to your field users. For more information, please read the full product documentation here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this feature available to all customers? 

A:  This feature is available to customers on the Enterprise tier, unlocking its full potential for your business.

Q: Are Regex common and easy to create? 

Our customers already use Regex in our solution for destination filtering, validation, and other areas, and you’ll find creating them straightforward.

Q: What is the minimum app version for this feature? 

A: To take advantage of this remarkable feature, ensure your app version is 16.3 or above across all platforms.

Bryan Suharly, Marketing Content Specialist, on Tuesday, May 30, 2023
Bryan is a talented writer that excels in creating copy with the care that centralizes ideas that resonate and place the needs of our customers front and center.  His words breathe life into brands, painting vivid pictures and telling compelling stories that captivate hearts and minds.
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