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ProntoForms Investor Information

ProntoForms is a Canadian technology company that has developed a cloud-based mobile forms software catering to businesses needing to securely build, manage and deploy a wide variety of forms for mobile workforce management.

ProntoForms enables organizations to mobilize business processes in minutes, increasing productivity and eliminating the use of paper. Workgroups can create their own forms, capture data from the field, and report and act on mission critical information, all in real time and in a secured and managed cloud environment. The data in the field is captured using mobile-native apps on commonly deployed mobile devices, such as iOS (iPhone & iPad), Android, Windows 10 and Web browsers.


Why Invest?

  • Leading product in a growing enterprise mobile market with over 100,000 users
  • Predictable and growing recurring revenue
  • Cash flow annuity build up from a high customer retention rate
  • Strong operating leverage and fast payback on customer acquisition costs
  • Technology and go to market partnerships with Apple, Google, Microsoft, ServiceMax and others
  • Untapped 42 million subscriber market opportunity

Investor Conference Call

Listen or read the transcript of the Q2 2019 financial results conference call.
Auditors: Deloitte LLP
Transfer agent: Equity Financial Trust

Dave Croucher
Chief Financial Officer

Babak Pedram
Investor Relations
Virtus Advisory Group Inc.

Corporate address
2500 Solandt
Suite 250
Ottawa, Ontario
K2K 3G5 Canada