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How Purell Achieved Success with ProntoForms & Salesforce

With Purell hand sanitizer taking center stage in mitigating the risks of COVID, you’re probably wondering how GOJO Industries/Purell was able to mobilize so quickly to install and maintain its dispensers at such a large scale. Well, nothing beats the power of technology. This session will provide insight into how GOJO/Purell has leveraged ProntoForms & Salesforce to gain positive business and operational outcomes. You’ll take a deep dive into the company’s deployment and integration journey. GOJO Industries’ Lenny Cumberledge, Director of Field Services, and Lisa Zido, Technical Systems Analyst will share their recommendations for what to do and what to avoid.
  • Mansell Nelson, SVP, Business Development, ProntoForms
  • Lisa Zido, Technical Systems Anaylst, GOJO/Purell
  • Lenny Cumberledge, Field Services Director, GOJO/Purell