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* each user represents a ProntoForms activated mobile device. Monthly subscription price based on annual contract.
** optional add-on

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should pick the Small Business plan?
The Small Business plan is an ideal choice for small business owners, or small business unit leaders, who have limited access to IT capabilities and want to use mobile devices to automate work in the field. This plan includes Email/PDF/Word reporting, and offers integrations with QuickBooks Online as well as Box, DropBox, and Google storage.

Who should pick the Professional plan?
The Professional plan is suitable for organizations that require deeper integrations capabilities and more advanced user and business data workflows. The included KPI Productivity Dashboards let users track field staff and work performed by user, group, location, time, and form. Users can also view trends, analyze submitted data against targets, and distribute scheduled reports via email.

Who should pick the Enterprise plan?
The Enterprise plan is for larger deployments with single sign-on, advanced workflow, and customized Business Intelligence dashboard needs. Enterprise deployments enable IT and/or development teams to integrate the ProntoForms solution into the greater enterprise IT architecture.

Are there limitations on how many forms I can create?
No. All ProntoForms subscription plans allow you to create and submit an unlimited number of forms.

Can you build my forms and workflows for me?
Yes. Our mobile implementation and usability experts often build forms for standard deployments in about a week.

I'm interested in two ProntoForms solutions - Safety Automation and Installation & Maintenance. Do I have to pay two subscription fees?
No. All industry solutions are included in all ProntoForms subscription plans. You can mix and match forms from all solutions.

How do I get my existing forms on the mobile app?
Many of our customers start with a template form (e.g. safety inspections, surveys), and use the ProntoForms Form Builder to modify them to fit their needs. This is an easy way to get up and running quickly. You can also create your forms from scratch.

Can I use multiple cloud services in the same workflow?
Yes. All ProntoForms plans include no-code, easy-to-configure connections to many common free and paid cloud services, including Box, Google's G Suite, QuickBooks Online, and others. These can be combined to create sophisticated and powerful automated workflows.

Is it possible to integrate Enterprise services, including in-house ERP systems, with ProntoForms?
Yes, the Professional and Enterprise plans include these connections. You can use out-of-the-box connections to connect to Salesforce, Amazon Web Services, and others. In addition, ProntoForms REST API lets your IT team connect to virtually any ERP, including SAP, Oracle, and others.