Analytics & Reporting    

You can't manage what you don't track.

Get reports and analyze data from the field to uncover patterns, meaningful correlations, and the root cause of critical issues.

Business insights delivered to the right people at the right time

Leverage real-time dashboards and custom reports
Correlate, aggregate, and drill down into collected data to uncover patterns, statistically meaningful correlations, or the root causes of critical issues. Automatically email custom reports to stakeholders.
Implement continuous improvement programs
Analyze your historical data to determine the effectiveness of your business processes, workflows, and quality of work, and then take the actions necessary to optimize them.
Advanced workflow management and optimization
Optimize use of preventive maintenance programs and services. Set equipment, operational parameters, and compliance rules that automatically trigger tasks when threshold rules have been breached.


Create custom dashboards to suit your needs

Field Productivity
Visualize key performance indicators with the ability to drill down to see trends and details in collected data.
Answer questions like:
  • Is any team's overall productivity improving or worsening?
  • Is every team achieving their objectives or targets?
  • Which team or employee is falling behind the rest?
Customer Satisfaction
Management can slice and dice customer data to uncover the root cause of customer dissatisfaction and establish best practices and training programs to ensure high customer satisfaction across the field organization.
Answer questions like:
  • Which customers do we need to focus our attention on to improve their level of satisfaction?
  • Which team or service is most often contributing to low satisfaction?
  • Who are our most satisfied customers and what service delivery practices should we be duplicating across the organization?
Service Quality
Monitor the number of unplanned/emergency events, and discover what tasks or items need to be addressed based on their quality score.
Answer questions like:
  • Has our quality of service improved or worsened over time?
  • Which teams have the highest or lowest service quality rating?
  • Is the number of unplanned events increasing or decreasing?
Monitor and manage every field team's ability to meet its obligations such as regulatory policies and laws or customer Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
Answer questions like:
  • What is our overall compliance score? Does it get better or worse every year?
  • Which region or team has the lowest compliance score?
  • How many SLA-related tasks do we have to perform this period?

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