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Customer Success Story

Graniterock breaks ground with ProntoForms

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"Using mobile forms allowed us to eliminate 7 days worth of transmitting information to a real-time notification system."

Dan Enachioaie
Software Engineer

Business Goal
  • Improve efficiency in the field
  • Auditable history of equipment repairs
  • Prove compliance with safety regulations
Outcome & Results
  • Transformed 7-day system into real-time notification
  • Cloud-based repair tracking system
  • Automated safety compliance process

The Challenge

Graniterock is one of California's premier construction materials producers, delivering hot mix asphalt, recycled asphalt, concrete and other materials to roads, highways, runways and bridges from San Francisco to Monterey.

Safety is a core value at Graniterock, and the company requires employees to adhere to safe work practices at all times.

The company wanted to update its slow, paper-based process for equipment and safety inspections to a more efficient solution based on mobile devices and cloud-connected services.

In addition, Graniterock wanted the mobile solution to help the company streamline and automate the company's safety compliance program and move from storing paper forms in a filing cabinet to an easily manageable, cloud-based system.

The Solution

Recently, the company adopted mobile technology to transform its safety inspection program from a series of manual and time-consuming processes, to a cloud-based management system that operates in real time.

The end-to-end mobile solution begins with field operators performing safety inspections on vehicles, equipment, and job sites directly on an iPhone or iPad. Once a Graniterock operator completes a safety inspection form, the automated workflow solution uploads the data as a PDF to a secure FTP server, and as raw data to an analytics engine.

Should an asset in the field require maintenance, the inspection data is seamlessly dispatched to a master mechanic who can review the submitted form, including images, to determine who should perform the repairs.

The system makes it easy for Graniterock to track the maintenance record for each asset and prove safety compliance in case of a safety audit.

The Benefits

The mobile forms solution allowed Graniterock to speed up the process of scheduling asset repairs from seven days using paper forms, to a real-time notification system.

When OSHA asks to see all safety reports from a specific project 8 months ago, the company's safety team doesn't have to rummage through filing cabinets or visit a warehouse full of boxes. All the files are stored safely in the cloud and just a quick search away.

"The compliance aspect is the driving force behind our implementation, there's no question."

"At the same time, the margins in our business are thin and competition is tough. You always have to drive for improvements and figure out how to be better, faster, cheaper, so the efficiency aspects are very welcome too." continues Rodney Jenny, Executive VP, Construction Division Manager with Graniterock.

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