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Customer Success Story

VFC stays grounded with ProntoForms

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"ProntoForms is saving our [40] field teams half an hour per day. That adds up quickly. That's $25,000 a month."

Travis Vought
Vice President

Business Goal
  • Accelerate submission of daily field reports
  • Improve efficiency of field teams
Outcome & Results
  • 1 hr saved/team/day
  • $25K/month saved
  • 40 techs
  • Improved visibility into team performance

The Challenge

VFC safeguards facilities from lightning and transient voltage by designing and installing lightning protection, grounding, surge protection, and lightning warning systems. Founded in 1989, the Utah-based company has grown to become the nation's leader in its industry, providing solutions for over 20,000 businesses globally.

VFC currently has more than 600 active projects across the country, with customers serviced by teams from the company's regional offices. Before ProntoForms, the teams were relying on antiquated paper-based processes for their daily reports.

"The challenge was trying to find a way to get the reports back to the office on a daily basis, so that we didn't have a lag time with all these people travelling all over the place," says Vice President Travis Vought.

The Solution

To overcome its challenges, this industry leader turned to ProntoForms, a mobile solution provider that allows field workers to collect vital work data on phones and tablets, and submit accurate and media-rich forms from anywhere in near real time.

When field workers arrive on a site and enter a job site ID in the form, the app automatically fills out all the linked data - addresses, contact names, phone numbers, etc. - stored in the company's CRM records, saving valuable time and minimizing typos and other data entry errors. And when filling out reports, field teams no longer need to just describe the work they've done on site; they can show what they've done. With ProntoForms, field teams can take site photos, which are seamlessly integrated into the final reports.

"ProntoForms has changed everything," says Vought. "It's made everything they do in the field easier."

As a result, field workers now need only five minutes to complete their daily work journals - a task that used to take half an hour out of their days. With the touch of a button, the reports are immediately submitted to the office.

"There's no more work for them to do at all. It's drastically improved their efficiency on the job site."

All told, VFC is reaping a total annual savings of $340,000.

The Benefits

"Conservatively, ProntoForms is saving our field teams half an hour per day. That adds up quickly. That's $25,000 a month," says Vought.

ProntoForms has streamlined operations at the office as well, with increased efficiency in payroll and invoicing saving VFC $40,000 a year.

"ProntoForms has sped everything up to virtually real time. That's had a huge impact on all of our operations."

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