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"My experience with ProntoForms has been very positive. I find the support staff and technical experts engaging and helpful. The tool itself is very easy to use and that makes implementing quick changes and pilot programs a breeze. There are some things that we are working to get implemented in ProntoForms and this has been met with openness and a desire to understand our needs on behalf of the ProntoForms staff."
Kenneth Bohn
US Digitalization Support Analyst
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"ProntoForms as a product has the capability to revolutionize how you collect information in the field and use it to jump start internal processes. ProntoForms as a company has been a great partner helping us along in our journey and they continue to invest heavily in their product."
Jon Barr
Head of IT - Americas
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"Prontoforms has been a pleasant experience for our needs within the Amtrak customer service dept. We look forward to a continued working relationship with the Pronto group."
Lamonte Turner
Customer Service Quality Supervisor
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"Karen and Danny have been a huge help implementing Prontoforms and Analytics within our Division. We began with Safety audits and reporting and are now expanding into the area of Quality audits and beyond. This implementation and expansion has not only made us a more cutting edge company in the realm of Safety but our endeavors have also begun to be noticed by our sister divisions within our company as well as being looked at as part of a possible solution for other area projects."
Jeanne Butz
Sonoco Display and Packaging
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"Our 640+ end-users are very pleased with the product and we've created many efficiencies that we did not have with paper audits. Completing audits is a very simple process using the app on your device. However, as an administrator, setting up the forms and understanding how to set up destinations has been the most challenging part of this process for myself. Thankfully, your tech support team has been very helpful in troubleshooting..."
Tim Thompson
Passenger Safety Service Operations Director
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"This amazing product enables us to collect various field data, feed it into our corporate EH&S and Asset Management systems, saving a lot of time and effort. The forms are easy to build and intuitive to use. This is a really well thought-out and designed product."
Oleksiy Golovchenko
Sr. Air Compliance Specialist
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"Our company started using ProntoForms several years ago, mainly for our Field Service team and Install team, empowering them to capture important information, that helps for rapid decisions from management about any given job.

Since then, our Sales department took notice of the ease of use of ProntoForms and wanted to see if it could be integrated with Salesforce as a tool to enhance pre-sales information, capturing important data for estimating opportunities. Sales management wanted to use only one tool (Salesforce) for estimating, but ProntoForms integration makes the process a lot smoother.

Plus, the support team at ProntoForms has been an A+ service team, and they make things seamless and successful. I highly recommend them."
Glenn Wanamaker
Training and Product Manager
Mar Cor / Cantel Medical Corp
see review on Salesforce AppExchange
"Great tool for mobile platform.

We started using ProntoForms 2 years ago to provide the field force a quick and easy means to order parts, modify work orders, complete MAC forms. The team we worked with to deploy the forms to the field has been very professional. The times where something went wrong in the field the support group worked with our end users to promptly resolve the issue. Our engineers have adopted the forms and have come to rely on them."
Mark Provost
Americas Field Operations Manager
PerkinElmer Inc.
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"ProntoForms is the best mobile forms product available. Incredible tools and most customizable solution. The data collection is by far the most useful for reporting. Gives us the ability to collect data in real time which is so important to stay on top of things as they happen. best features are signatures, geo stamps and puctures."
Patricia Richards
Manager of Business Data Analyst
Diversified Maintenance

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