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ProntoForms & Microsoft.
Fully Integrated Workflows

From service work orders and field data capture to analytics - get complete visibility into your field services operations with workflow integration and automation.
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ProntoForms and Microsoft drive operational efficiency

  • Take advantage of your existing Microsoft investment to enable sophisticated workflows
  • Quickly deploy or extend your field services capabilities to handle complex use cases: installation, maintenance, safety, training, warranty, field ticketing, and more
  • Deploy offline and online workflows to any device running Windows
  • Get fast ROI and save overhead costs
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Microsoft feature
ProntoForms value add
Microsoft 365 products
Built-in support for Microsoft products means you won’t incur additional infrastructure or IT costs and procurement delays. ProntoForms can use your existing Microsoft system of record, document management, and storage solutions.
Office 365
Create Word or Excel reports automatically using form submission data. Import structured data from Office 365 files using XLS/XLSX, CSV, XML, or JSON formats.
Power Automate
Extend ProntoForms with Solutions and Flows, such as sending notifications to Teams. Leverage Power Platform's integration capabilities to bring data from disparate systems into ProntoForms.
Data source & data management platform
With ProntoForms, your business units can become self-sufficient and build solutions for their service delivery needs, including maintenance, warranty management, field ticketing, EHS, and more. Leverage existing data and processes on the Microsoft platform.
No-code tools (Power Apps, Process Advisor, AI Builder etc.)
Empower citizen developers with specialized tools for field applications: a powerful form builder with rich controls, advanced business logic, and native mobile apps.
Power BI
Enrich your analytics with granular, real-time field data by easily integrating ProntoForms with Power BI.
Advocacy video

ProntoForms & Microsoft: Connected from Office to Cloud, Featuring Shell

If you picked Bill Gates instead of Steve Jobs for your systems, join this session to explore how ProntoForms can leverage a range of Microsoft services, including SharePoint Lists and Document Libraries, to increase your productivity.


A fully integrated workflow within the Microsoft ecosystem

ProntoForms combined with Microsoft provides the optimal solution to modernize your operational processes. End-to-end connectivity means you can streamline your workflow, from data collection to processing to analysis—all with the assurance of enterprise-grade security and reliability
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Collaborate in real-time with SharePoint Document Library

Receive data from a file in SharePoint Document Library or send submitted forms, photos, audio recordings, document attachments, etc. in real-time for longer-term record keeping.

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Aggregate records and items with SharePoint List

Send/receive data records to/from SharePoint Lists. Supports repeat rows, parent-child relationships, etc.

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Share & synchronize files with OneDrive

Store/retrieve data to/from OneDrive.

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Empower workgroup communications with Teams notifications

Use Power Automate to post messages in a team's channel when a form is submitted, complete with form data, links, Adaptive Cards, and images.

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Gain operational insights from field data with Power BI

Create analytics dashboards and reports on Power BI by connecting form submissions on SharePoint List.

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Automate workflows with Power Automate

Build automated processes with Flows and Solutions in Power Automate. For example, convert one form document to another format, automatically trigger a dispatch when a SharePoint list is updated, etc.

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Create Word documents on the fly with Custom Templates

Microsoft Word documents can be automatically generated when a form is submitted and sent through data destinations. Customize the documents with HTML/CSS, conditional formatting, and more.

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Import structured data from Excel & design your own spreadsheet

Bring data into your forms from Microsoft Excel through SharePoint, OneDrive, FTP/HTTP, manual file upload, etc., or through the REST API. ProntoForms also allows you to design and build templates entirely in Excel for generating custom document outputs.

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ProntoForms helps you deliver field service agility & performance

Streamline operations

Eliminate paper and manual processes. Create standardized workflows for service types, LOBs, work orders, or assets. Reduce human error with automated business logic and data validation. Increase FTF and eliminate repeat work.

Boost profitability

Ensure accurate quotes, repairs, service pricing, warranty claims, route planning, and field ticketing. Prevent unwarranted downtime, outage, costs, and delays. Speed up billing and reduce Days Sales Outstanding from weeks to minutes.

Ensure safety & compliance

Ensure the safety and security of field workers and customers with safety audits, hazard inspections, and incident management tools. Meet compliance rules for FDA, HIPAA, OSHA, etc.

Extend asset life and uptime

Ensure the smooth installation and running of your critical equipment. Conduct preventive maintenance, handle repairs, and process warranty and upgrades to extend the lifetime of your assets.

Gain a competitive advantage

Track granular pricing, cost matrix, most profitable contracts, and services. Use performance and safety KPIs for competitive bidding. Use white labeling to differentiate your services and develop unique IPs.

Provide rapid response

Build forms in minutes. Rapidly deploy emergency management apps to improve responses such as during a pandemic or natural disaster and to meet evolving business needs.

Implement any use case

ProntoForms is used by thousands of customers across heavy manufacturing, healthcare, utilities, energy, construction, and services industries for installation, preventive maintenance, inspection, warranty claims, billing, training, field ticketing, and many other uses cases.

Create new opportunities

Enable field technicians to capture service leads in the field, such as identifying expansion contracts, retrofits, or competitor activities. Automatically record opportunities in your CRM.

Deliver customer satisfaction

Create Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Forms and Customer Acceptance Reports (CAPs) to track service quality and customer feedback.

Improve team engagement

Build interactive training forms. Frontline workers can provide feedback to the operations team to design better instruction materials. Automatically track team productivity, service performance, and timesheets.

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