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Connect mobile form data to Salesforce

Salesforce is a customer relationship management (CRM) system, built to enable teams to form successful connections with customers. ProntoForms offers out-of-the-box two-way connectivity with Salesforce, allowing field users to submit forms directly to the cloud and create and update customer records automatically. By giving teams access to complete customer data, whether in the office or the field, ProntoForms increases the value of data held in Salesforce. The automatic flow of data between Salesforce and ProntoForms means saving time where data entry is required. This flow helps CRM systems run more smoothly: every customer interaction is supported by the most up-to-date customer information.

Data Destination
The Salesforce data destination allows users to update Salesforce by simply submitting a form. Through ProntoForms, users can create, update or delete accounts, contacts, cases, leads and documents, as well as Custom Objects created in Salesforce. ProntoForms' unique ability to route data to Custom Fields means every type of customer record your team uses in Salesforce can be uploaded and updated with a form submission. Keep records of all customer interactions in one place by creating and/or updating multiple objects automatically with a single form submission. With the same submission, attach images to existing leads or accounts, and perform additional actions, like updating an Account, or logging a Case in relation to a new or existing record.

Data Source
With the Salesforce Report data source, ensure field and office teams have customer information at their fingertips. Populate forms with data in the Salesforce Report so the most up to date customer requests or requirements are communicated to customer-facing employees, creating more thorough customer interactions. Because submissions in the field can feed back into Salesforce Report, data in the office and in the field is always up-to-date. The connection between ProntoForms and Salesforce allows for the secure transfer of information to the field, without any additional cost in Salesforce.
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"The mobile solution [deployed to 50 users] tracks costs in real time, gives us full visibility into each project, and helps us make better business decisions."

Jeff Peel, COO
Pesado Energy Services
"ProntoForms has saved [200] drivers three minutes per service call - or 750 hours every month."

Jody Smith, Fleet Operations Manager
AAA Carolinas