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Powerful Salesforce Forms Integrations for FSM

  • Easy-to-build workflows that seamlessly integrate with Salesforce
  • Apps intelligently provide data in context from Salesforce and your other business systems directly to your field teams
  • Powerful custom documentation and workflows enable detailed work records in multiple custom formats to automatically be routed to stakeholders & systems
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Benefits of ProntoForms and Salesforce Integration

Increase field efficiency & agility
Improve the speed, quality, and flexibility of task execution in the field with automated mobile forms.
Automate workflows with Salesforce... and beyond
Dispatch tasks to the field, automatically route results to managers for triage and approval, and easily connect data to your Salesforce platform, and optionally, other systems or technology.
Improve compliance
Fully customized salesforce integration forms, with version control, simplify compliance reporting by ensuring technicians use the right form at the right time.
Leverage app-to-app communication
Launch ProntoForms from other field service apps, including Salesforce Field Service, Salesforce, and Salesforce Maps to perform an app-to-app dispatch-even offline.

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Maximizing Salesforce Integration for Field Worker Productivity

  • Pre-populate mobile app fields using Salesforce data
  • Easily capture rich data: photos, sketches, audio, GPS/Time stamps, and more
  • Include unlimited number of repeating entries and tables
  • Conditional logic guides users, only displaying relevant information for each task
  • Use Repeatable Destinations to automate structured repeated data capture from the field and enable richer data capture directly into Salesforce
  • Use a single platform to easily develops apps
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Seamless Salesforce Integration with ProntoForms Mobile App

Access and update your Salesforce records from the ProntoForms app
  • Pre-populate mobile forms with up-to-date Salesforce data
  • Populate Salesforce field with collected data
  • Full functionality when offline; automatically sync when online again
  • Deep 2-way Salesforce form integration, with standard and custom objects, or APEX REST connector
  • Dynamically name documents using form data and stores in Salesforce
  • Use Salesforce Sandbox to test the integration of new mobile apps before deploying
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"Documentation is integrated with Salesforce, customer gets a copy of it. So there is definitely a big success from a customer satisfaction point of view."

Jodie Menard
Director of Customer Care at

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Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of using custom field apps for Salesforce?

There are numerous benefits, including having asset data from Salesforce appear directly in field technicians’ workflows at the exact time they need it as they complete their jobs. There is also the ability to collect richer data to funnel back into Salesforce and drive decision making.

How can custom field apps help me improve my Salesforce-related tasks and processes?

Custom field apps improve your processes by creating adaptable and intelligent workflows that change depending on the asset and work your technicians are completing. They feed Salesforce data directly into the tasks so there is no flipping between apps or hunting down information.

How do I integrate a Salesforce solution partner with my existing Salesforce platform?

It is very simple to integrate Salesforce with partner platforms, especially platforms like ProntoForms that have seamless app-to-app integrations that come out of the box, pre-built.

What customization options are available with Salesforce custom field apps?

Due to their customizable nature, Salesforce field apps can be highly customized to any of your field use cases, including EHS, installation, preventative maintenance, inspections, and more.

How does Salesforce custom field apps me get the most out of my Salesforce investment?

Custom field apps are quick to deploy and help improve data collection out in the field to better fuel your Salesforce implementation. The apps also create a more seamless experience for technicians when completing service by serving them a workflow tailored to the job at hand with Salesforce information already added in.

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