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Power ServiceMax with smart mobile forms

  • Achieve 100% digital workflow in the field by eliminating the last paper forms accompanying work orders in ServiceMax
  • Seamlessly integrate ProntoForms with the ServiceMax app on the device and in the Cloud
  • Easily manage and deploy into multiple use cases

Increase field efficiency & agility
Improve the speed, quality, and flexibility of task execution in the field with configurable smart mobile forms.
Automate workflows with Servicemax... and beyond
Dispatch tasks to the field, route results to managers for triage and approval, and easily connect data to your Servicemax platform, and optionally, other systems.
Improve compliance
Fully customized forms, with version control, simplify compliance reporting by ensuring technicians use the right form at the right time
Leverage App2App capabilities
Build advanced workflows that leverage integrated Servicemax data source/destinations, as well as other field service apps using App2App communication.

Seamless app-to-app integration with ProntoForms

Collection and delivery packshot
Launch ProntoForms from ServiceMax
Launch your custom ProntoForms powered tasks from the Servicemax sidebar: incident reports, safety checklists, customer surveys, etc.
Seamless switch to ProntoForms
All Servicemax customer or task data is available in the ProntoForms app for quick and easy completion of any field service using mobile forms.

Receive data back in ServiceMax, in real time

Seamless workflow packshot
The ProntoForms data appears inside the Servicemax record.
The link to the associated work order has been established, and the PDF report as well
as the collected images have been attached to the record.

Why should you add ProntoForms to ServiceMax?

Improve field service

Improve field service agility with ProntoForms and ServiceMax

Enable new and experienced technicians to reliably complete complex tasks on a mobile device. Smart mobile forms dynamically hide/show questions and sections based on answers to previous questions, prompt users for additional input when required, and display relevant technical documentation.
  • Use seamless data handoffs between the ServiceMax app to create a fluid user experience
  • Capture multimedia: photos/sketches, GPS/Timestamps, audio
  • Pre-load ServiceMax data from the Cloud/App, including asset detail and service history, into mobile forms
  • No code rapid form deployment, easily build and manage a large number of custom mobile forms for multiple use cases
  • Robust form management tools enable you to easily modify a large number of forms
Build low-code workflows

Build low-code workflows to expand data sharing beyond ServiceMax

Fully integrate captured data into ServiceMax, and easily build point-and-click workflows to expand the distribution of data, documents, and work records to a multitude of back-office systems and cloud destinations.
  • Automatically dispatch a new task if an inspection indicates an asset needs to be serviced or replaced
  • Share data/reports in real time for additional review, editing, approval, and/or action
  • Trigger real-time SMS notifications to a safety manager when an inspection results in a "fail" rating
Quickly generate work records

Quickly generate powerful and complete ServiceMax work records

Embed rich media and GPS data into work records to build detailed reports and proof of work completed. Populate multiple custom documents with mobile forms data - with complete control over formatting and content.
  • Fully integrated dynamic work records into ServiceMax
  • Rapid and easy design of custom documents
  • Re-use document templates with different forms, reducing repetitive building of custom documents
  • Populate multiple custom documents (PDF, Word, CSV) with a single form submission
  • Simplify processes for environmental, health, safety, and quality compliance reporting
"Smart mobile forms and workflows are critical features that extend Field Service Management (FSM) solutions capabilities."

- Industry Analysts, 2018.
"ProntoForms is saving our [40] field teams half an hour per day. That adds up quickly. That's $25,000 a month."

Travis Vought
VP of Operations

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