Get more from ServiceMax with integrated mobile workflows

  • Launch custom mobile forms from the ServiceMax app
  • Keep all your field service workflows on a mobile device
  • Add incident reports, safety checklists, surveys etc.
  • Store all reports in ServiceMax with a shared data model

ProntoForms: the most powerful forms integration for ServiceMax

Deep Integration
All your ServiceMax and Salesforce data accessible in ProntoForms
Automated workflows
Dispatching, data & form routing, approvals, submission reviews and edits...
Enterprise grade, no coding
1 Million rows of data sources vs. 20K limit of our nearest competitor

Enhance Data Access, Collection and Delivery

Drive efficiency with inter-app integration of forms and data
Launch ProntoForms from ServiceMax
Launch your custom ProntoForms powered tasks from the Servicemax sidebar: incident reports, safety checklists, customer surveys, etc.
Seamless switch to ProntoForms
All Servicemax customer or task data is available in the ProntoForms app for quick and easy completion of any field service using mobile forms.

Receive data in real time

Connect and send all ProntoForms collected data back to Servicemax
The ProntoForms data appears inside the Servicemax record.
The link to the associated work order has been established, and the PDF report as well as the collected images have been attached to the record.

Want to see it in action?
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