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Empower your technicians with a safety audit & incident reporting app

Efficient inspections
Keep techs safe
Give technicians context and intelligence with step-by-step work/safety instructions to reduce incidents.
Real-time data sharing
Decrease work stoppages
Enable your technicians in the field to quickly capture and share rich data to speed up incident reporting.
Rich & complete records
Easier audits
Collect rich data and create custom documentation to make safety audits a breeze.

Technicians need the right tools to stay safe & in compliance

Easy to deploy, easy to manage
Rapidly create apps with bi-directional data connections with your business systems. Design workflows that share context with other apps, systems, or technicians, and generate custom documents to external systems and stakeholders. All without a line of code.
Work guidance
Deliver intelligent work guidance, providing the appropriate data in context based on information inputted into the incident reporting app, ensuring work is done safely and correctly the first time - every time.
Rich data collection
Safety inspections are all about collecting critical data. Allow inspectors and technicians to capture videos, photos, barcodes, geo/time stamps signatures and more to create robust safety inspections and easy audits.
Automated data routing
Easily define rules for how to share and store collected data. Conditional logic can automatically determine if and when to notify supervisors of a failed inspection, store files in the Cloud, and/or share reports with OSHA and other authorities.
Update forms in seconds
ProntoForms' no-code platform makes it easy to edit large safety forms using bulk-edit tools and dispatch tasks to individuals or groups in the field—all with only a few clicks.
Data, where techs and systems need it most
ProntoForms can be used on its own or as an easy-to-use mobile front-end to a wide range of ERP, CRM, or other safety solutions. Regardless of solution complexity, it's easy to seamlessly integrate safety data into any system.
Offline mode
Fill out EHS inspections and safety audit forms in areas without network connectivity. The incident reporting app stores your data locally and automatically submits the form when you're back online.
Take preventative action
Deliver rich, multi-media training materials with custom safety reporting apps. Manage safety records, compliance auditing, and analytics in support of corrective and preventive action (CAPA) programs.
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"Safety and compliance for us was the foundation of why we started with ProntoForms. We had a need and had paper processes everywhere."
Matt Lambert
VP, Operations
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Enable inspectors of any skill level to reliably complete complex tasks

Provide context and safety and incident intelligence to field users with apps that feed the right data to them at the right time. Then, as they execute safety hazard assessments or safety inspections, have apps that dynamically change depending on input.
  • Dynamically color-code questions and warnings
  • Tally answers across the form based on preset rules
  • Show sections and icons to highlight key requirements or problems
Dynamically guide inspectors
Challenges workflow

Send updated safety reporting forms and training content to all users with a single click

An automated safety reporting app lets you dispatch up-to-date safety forms and customer information to the field in real time. Submitted inspection forms are seamlessly integrated back into the EHS system of record.
  • Easily dispatch updated incident report forms to thousands of users
  • Build adaptable workflows that warn users of safety issues in the field, and provide training docs in the field
  • Automatically notify supervisors via SMS when inspections fail or incidents occur
  • Quickly document and submit data from the field to office staff, clients, or the Cloud

Generate complete and rich work records

Use detailed and rich incident reporting apps to build verifiable reports. Populate any number of custom documents with data from submitted forms - with full control over format and content.
  • Distribute inspection records to cloud systems in real time
  • Reduce repetitive work with document templates
  • Automatically build and send branded custom Excel docs with different content and appearance to suit the recipient
  • Generate custom docs (PDF, Word, XLS, JSON, XML, CSV, and HTML) with every submission
  • Simplify compliance reporting for EHS and many other processes
Challenges work records
ProntoForms Asset Inspection use case

Use Case Spotlight

Leading energy utility dramatically improves its inspection capabilities

See how ProntoForms has contributed to increased efficiency, improved operations, higher asset uptimes, improved data security, and more.

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