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What is Prontoforms
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Revolutionize Facility Management with Business Intelligence

Business intelligence can benefit every part of a facility management process. From factory floors to executive offices, guesswork, intuition, and gut feelings are being replaced by a data-driven decision-making process. Finding the time to slice and dice the data, however, is another story. What you need is a system that automatically creates easy-to-read dashboards and reports. But where do you start, and how could this system help your business?

This eBook can help facility managers by answering questions like:

  • What key performance indicators should you be monitoring?
  • Why is automated employee time tracking so critical?
  • How can you combine analytics charts to uncover further insights?
  • Where will you see a competitive advantage with analytics?
  • Who will benefit most from the use of business intelligence?
Revolutionize Facility Management with BI
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